Woodworking: Make Custom Router Letter Stencils // How -To

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Woodworking: Make Custom Router Letter Stencils // How -To 4.5

In this video I go through the process of making letter stencils to be used with a router and brass guide bushing kit in order to make custom signs. With this technique you can make as many homemade stencils as you like for any type sign, and the beauty of the process is the stencils can be reused infinitely, and on any sign you can think off. The stencils make laying out the sign process quick as well. Check out the companion video to this once where we used the homemade stencils and some LED battery powered lights for make a sign.

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Specifications for this project:

- Font- HighTower Text
- PT - 400
- 5/16 - Bushing
- 1/8 inch Spiral Cutting Bit
- 1/8 spacing on either side of the letters on the pattern
- Pattern material at least 1/4 inch thick
- Pattern material 6 inches tall

Check out the blog on our website for a drawing of the stencil measurements

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This video is a detailed How-To video showing how to make custom router stencils. There is a separate shorter video where I use those stencils to make the sign in the thumbnail. Link to that video is in the description. I make these videos in parts to keep the length times down. Also, some people want to watch a detailed how-to video full of explanations, while others just want to watch a build video.

Author — HoneyBadger WoodWorks


Honey badger you have skills! I wish i knew/ had tools like you. I'll b back to try a L.A Rams once☝🏼 I get tools 🤓
ORNIE BEAR 🐻 signing out 👍🏽😎

Author — MyPitsSmash


A little snippet of Judah & The Lion music at the end of video was a nice touch!

Author — TheDrPopEye


Very cool, nice badger uToobWoodworker branding too ! Hahaha love the mask / respirator .

Author — Fluke Skywalker


Found this extremely informative on how to make a stencil. Thanks

Author — jetthelooter


Lots of talent. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

Author — joe quillun


You speak so clearly and your explanation is excellent, thanks for taking the time to do this video, loved it.

Author — Peter Goodger


You are my hero for the day! I am cutting some wooden lettering out on my scroll saw, and this REALLY helped with the letters like g, e R, etc and keeping the negaive parts of those type of letters. So once I get that done, gonna dye the wood with the 5 color wood dye kit to really brighten er up ;) Anyways, YOU ROCK! Thank you for sharing this

Author — Keda Wood Dye


I could be wrong .. but, in my thinking I could do this by printing this out on the computer, using a router on several passes to do the same thing.. but, much quicker. I wish I saw what it looked like lite up

Author — D.C.


I'm noticing that when you draw the straight guidelines (~ 1 minute in) the use of multiple measurement tick marks. If all edges are already straight, only two ticks at really needed at each end, with maybe a third in the middle as a reassurance that the two end marks are hitting the middle of the overall run as expected.

If the edge of the material is smooth along the whole run, just slide the combination square along the entire edge of the material while holding the marker at the end of the square. This eliminates the need for a separate long straight edge/ruler, and trying to align the straight edge at half the width of the marker tip back from the initial marks to account for the line thickness you are about to draw thru the center of the ticks. For one or two lines this doesn't really matter, but if your making a bunch of lines over and over it can start to cut out a few extra bits of extra work. This is demonstrated at 25 seconds into the video below.

Author — Darrell Hale


hello. very amazing
i am a graphic designer and looking forward working with you

Author — Bram Parbi


This was quite good in explanation and execution. It gave me some solid ideas for some inlay work I am planning.
One question...did you use any other fonts for your stencils?

Author — Paul May


Very creative and thorough video. You are breaking a woodworking Youtube norm by telling people to subscribe to see the finished product, and I think this is reflected in the number of thumbs-down you received. The norm is to show the finished work and then tell folks if they would like to see how it was done, they can follow the link in the description. I can't articulate why, but it is off-putting to be told to subscribe to see a finished product. Hoping you continue to make videos. I really appreciate your attention to detail.

Author — Vance Edwards


Nice video! Where is all the sawdust going? I am a Newbie!!

Author — Patty


That’s a lot of work, but good for multiple times

Author — Bridge Painter


When marking out a straight line on the sign, why would you not just put a mark at each end instead of multiple marks all along the edge? If your straight edge is straight, the added marks are extraneous.

Author — Noah Cantrel


Do you sell the router stencils? On website?

Author — Player #1


Well that was a waste of time. .always show the finished piece..

Author — fishtank5050


Watched your video but what a waste of time. No finished product, why?

Author — Andrew Walker


Hello what is the name of the machine please?

Author — Patocha P