I Played 300 Days of Stardew Valley EXPANDED...This Is What Happened

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I am back and this time with another 300 days of Stardew Valley Expanded! We continue our journey through the Expanded mod and you don't wanna miss this one...If you do enjoy the video, please make sure to like and subscribe. And thanks for watching 💜

100 Days of SDV Expanded:

200 Days of SDV Expanded:



Expanded Mod:

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I'd love a 400 day serious. Honestly I look forward to all of these

Author — Sodi Truex


I get unreasonably happy whenever panning with poxial comes on, and I don't know why

Author — peter spindler


Pig fact of the day the largest pig ever recorded was Big Bill a Poland China pig from Jackson Tennessee, Big Bill weighed 1, 157 kgs( 2, 552 lb) he was owned by one Elias Butler in 1933

Author — Flynn Sills


Petition to add a new segment "Planning with Poxial" where Poxial stands next to the river and silently ponders his future adventures

Author — Alex Hanson


I just rewatched 100 and 200 days of expanded so this was a very welcome surprise thx for all you’ve done Poxial 😊

Author — Olivia Parr


For future playthru, you should be trading your omni geodes for desert warp totems so you dont have to waste time waiting for Pam

Author — david gamble


I started Expanded after your first two videos came out (the first time I tried the mod I got honestly overwhelmed and didn't quite know where to begin), and it's helped me tremendously with figuring out a general order of progression. This episode is no different, but so much more fun to watch than a more bland guide or walkthrough. Your videos are great as always and I hope to catch more of your streams!

Author — Saint Naive


Quite frankly you’re the only Stardew Valley content creator I watch and it is a treat to see your X00 stardew expanded videos. I’ve actually found myself mouthing “Panning with Poxial” every time the segment comes up because even through the lack of lucky rings I enjoy it. So glad Sally can guest star now. I may not play this game, but I’m very much looking forward to days 301-400.

Author — Dalton McCracken


this was such a treat to see. the thanksgiving holiday has been a somber one this year so opening up youtube to see this premiered made me so excited. thank you so much for making these videos, i hope there’ll be a 400 days.

your videos have been a really bright part of a dark year for me and my family, your funny commentary always puts a huge smile on my face, even when ive been crying. thank you for being a content creator and i cant wait for more.

cheers! 🎉

Author — oyasumibunbun


Love this series, great job commenting and editing as always :) Hope you manage to find that farm cave in the 400 days vid

Author — Doesit Matter


I am so happy to have a pig named after me!! I can't get enough of your Stardew videos, and, if you celebrate, happy Thanksgiving!! ♥️

Author — turtleneckey


This is a great video as always! Love how you’ve been progressing and can’t wait to see what you do next

Author — King Chloris 2


This is one of my fav series to watch, I always get excited when I see that another 100 days has come out, makes my day!

Author — Alioth


Thank you for another wonderful video! It's Thanksgiving here in the US and your hour long new video was the perfect thing I needed to finish all of my prep work!

Author — Noelle Cameron


I didn't realize it's been four weeks since the 200 days episode, so excited to watch this, thank you for your content :D <3

Author — Lucas Sandoval


Truly the best! Awesome stuff to see you taking in all the advice from the fans, Hilarious and entertaining playthrough can't wait for 400 days!


Author — JaspaJ


İ absolutely love panning with poxial! it makes me so happy and İ was so excited when you finally got those two lucky rings! İ love the heavy sarcasm you put in too. it’s so annoying when you have to wait for hours to get bamboozled as it’s a festival day. İ play on mobile so İ don’t have Ginger Island yet, so these really prepare me!

Author — Raspberry


Loving this series! Can't wait for the 400 days finale.

Author — MrsDizarky


Great video as always, Poxial!! I have to admit that the cat gif bopping along to the dance of the moonlight jellies song has changed my brain chemistry and I now automatically bop my head the same way whenever I hear it no matter what. I'm looking forward to the next installment of your 100 days expanded series!! :)

Author — Queer Axolotl


I can't wait for the next part of this series! It's so fun to watch you playing and achieving so much in the game. Also, your panning episodes are great!

Author — RoxyCatTV