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360 Creepypasta Experience VR 4K 4

In this video, you can experience different creepypasta characters in 4K. This video is scary, so be prepared for jumpscares! From Jeff The Killer to The Rake to Slenderman, this is the full 360 creepypasta experience. Watch with your favorite VR viewer such as Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive for the best experience!

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Music by CO. AG Music

💬 Comments

Watching a grown man crawl around in a bodysuit was more funny than scary actually.

Author — Nikki Nixon


Me, trying to enjoy the scary:

Ads: *K E T C H U P*

Author — Ruby Crystal


Dreams: a a serious blood dripping scp

Reality: a man walking. Around my house in a bodysuit trying to find the WiFi password

Author — Sans


Everyone else in the comments:

"A grown man crowling on the floor😂😂"

Me(an absolute idiot):

"What if he finds me😩😩"

Author — BHC Member


me staring at the cat the whole time: 👁 👄 👁

Author — ariel


No sé si soy el único que hable español, pero vente conmigo aquí te acompaño 🤗💗 para que no tengas miedo.

Author — John Peralta420


Me talking to him like: CLEAN UR GID DAMN CLOSET

Author — heistG


It's so funny to see a grown up man wearing a costume xD

Author — Magical Izz


Me the entire video

"hey floor you wanna be my friend?"

Author — yeeet ettte


I do be like "Hey Jeff stop scaring the cat"

Author — MelinaThe youtuber


9:22 the weird kid in the back of the class coughing while I’m trying to take my SAT test.

Author — [H 4 M M 3 R]


*My crush walks by*

*my brain-* _"Act normal."_


Author — Eat All Snakes


6:33 What the hell I have a VR headset and I left for a minute, came back, turned around at the wrong moment and screamed

Author — Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams


eu sou o comentário que vc tanto procurava nesse vídeo né?

Author — kuroo ぬ


My sleep paralysis demon at 3am: 9:22

Author — [H 4 M M 3 R]


I love how the cat acts like this happens on the regular.

Author — Your Name


Slenderman: Hey Guy! Good ice day!

Author — Manu Mattia


40 year old man: crawls around the house
the cat : I'm hungry

Author — giorgo Starostenko


The man crawling with costume at home*
The cat:bro wtf are u doing

Author — GhoulDoge


Actually nobody:
Me: saying get in here its raining outside
The guy with a halloween costume:nah imma enjoy "SPOOKY MONTH"

Author — Getorad gaming YT