How to make a Marvel Studios Intro - Movavi Vlog tutorial

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How to make a Marvel Studios Intro - Movavi Vlog tutorial 5

00:37 - little info on various Marvel intros
01:09 - select the pictures for the into.
01:35 - edit the selected pics using Movavi Photo Editor to make them look like comics pages.
02:11 - create the flipping pages part of the intro just like in Marvel's.
03:11 - now make the Marvel Studios like logo.
05:50 - combine the logo and the part with the photos and add a smooth zoom.
07:22 - don't forget to add some sound effects.
08:09 - check out the final result.

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Marvel’s been on fire recently. It’s been releasing new videos like crazy. Have you seen the latest Avengers movie? Do you like Iron Man? Or Thor: Ragnarok? We’re quite sure almost everyone on the planet has heard about Marvel superheros at least once.

For film companies, an intro at the beginning of a movie is the same as an intro or a greeting for you on your YouTube channel. Ever since Marvel Studios appeared, they've changed their intros many times. These intros are customized for each individual movie. If you want to create your own Marvel intro for your movie reviews, follow our tutorial!

How to make a Marvel intro

1. First of all, make a piece of footage that imitates comic book page flipping. To achieve it, select 40 or more of your pictures, edited beforehand and add a pop art filter to them. Import the pictures into Movavi Video Editor, set the duration for each clip, and apply the smear transition to all clips. Export the file as a separate video.

2. Create another project. In this project, make up a clip with the red background and white logo that resembles the Marvel logo. Then create a copy of the clip but with the black background and green logo. Place the clip with the black background into the very beginning of the video. Export the project as a new video.

3. Create another new project. Upload the footage with photos and put it on the main video track. Drag the one with logos onto the additional video track. Zoom out both clips and make the green logo transparent with the chromakey tool. Add some sound effects to your taste.

That's it!

Avengers: Endgame is here! Before going to a movie theatre don’t forget to rewatch all the avengers movies :) And, of course, check out Black Panther, Captain America, and the Spiderman movies! See you next week!

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Author — Humble_A


what were the exact sound effects you used from the premium beat site? this was an amazing video!

Author — Esther Jee Hyun Eom


I like the way you add the music together

Author — Benjamin Wu


When you did the chroma key!! I almost jumped up!!! I can't beleive I haven't thought of it!!! It is simply genius!!!

Author — Erika Botha


Love this, thank you!! I want this as my intro now as I will be starting a movie reviews channel soon

Author — TooBlunt ForYou


So I wanted to have some fun and made my own haha. . Thank you for the tutorial, that was fun!

Author — SCUBAjoe show


in 7minutes 21 seconds how the text going from bigger to for where had you made change?

Author — Sohel Ahmed


thanks for the tutorial! used it for my trailer

Author — Platy Channel1


You are really cool, keep it up, first 15 seconds of your vide and I sub!

Author — Cabsan Cabsan


u r so soft spoken i like the way you speak so gently

Author — ITech


nice video i love the intro style its great....

Author — Cranium Studios


Hey guys, what an awesome tutorial! I made one for my sons 4th birthday.. now i also want to make one for my daughter in pink.. do you have some suggestions for sound editing in a girl intro for me?

Author — Michel Brons


That's so cool bro. I would love to learn more about how to make cool intros. Make some more videos on this if possible.

Author — Abhishek Chopra


Very nice! But thanks a lot for posting this when I'm at work and can't get home to my computer to try it! 😆

Author — The Budget Aquarist


Thanks for this tutorial, I follow everything you said but sadly mine doesn't work. At 1st the video is working but when the transparent text comes up, the video will freeze but the background music still plays till the end. I have tried 5x already, the same result hahaha. Thanks though :)

Author — Jb Briones


thanks for this video its i will do it now thak's you so much..

Author — Black Draft


I need help.
I bought Movavi on my old computer slow a while ago, and I recently bought a new computer, fast and nice so that it would run Movavi well.. Is there any possible way to move Movavi from my old computer to the new one?

Author — ItzMike


Wow I never knew all this was possible.

Author — My Direct Opinion


Can you put that project in description ?

Author — Mathews Rundu