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What skill sets will an HR manager need in order to succeed in their job? All managers require a mix of technical, interpersonal, conceptual and design, and business skills in order to successfully carry out their jobs. HR managers are no different, so all leaders need management skills to improve organizational performance. The set of necessary HR skills is similar to the skills needed by other managers; but, of course, it emphasizes people skills more than some other management positions do.

The recently promulgated SHRM Competency Model discusses four basic “competency clusters” that match up well with the following four skill sets. The first skill set that an HR manager must develop to be successful, and also the easiest one to develop, is the technical skill set. Technical skills are defined as the ability to use methods and techniques to perform a task.

The second major skill set is interpersonal skills, which comprise the ability to understand, communicate, and work well with individuals and groups through developing effective relationships. The resources you need to get the job done are made available through relationships with people both inside the organization (i.e., coworkers and supervisors) and outside the organization (i.e., customers, suppliers, and others).

HR managers must have strong people skills. This does not mean that HR managers always have to be gullible or sympathetic to every sob story, but it does mean that they have to be empathetic.

The conceptual part of this skill set is an ability to understand what is going on in our business processes—the ability to “see the bigger picture” concerning how our department or division and the overall organization operates. It also includes the ability to see if we are getting outside expected process parameters.

HR professionals must have knowledge of the organization and its strategies if they are to contribute strategically. This also means that they must have understanding of the financial, technological, and other facets of the industry and the organization and be able to manipulate large amounts of data using data analytics programs and HR metrics.

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