Sony Xperia 1ii Review: The Need For Speed

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Sony Xperia 1ii Review: The Need For Speed 5


Sony. It’s the company that builds the sensors for almost half the world’s smartphones, and it makes nearly half of all mirrorless cameras sold – including the camera I use to shoot every MrMobile video. It’s also the company that for years has failed to capitalize on these strengths in its mobile division. In preparing for this video I went back and watched seven years of my own Sony smartphone reviews, from my days at Pocketnow to last year’s Xperia 1 video. They all say pretty much the same thing: Sony’s phones are very good, even great at points, but they’re too expensive, and not always for the right reasons.

Flash forward to 2020, and the price tag on the Xperia 1ii (pronounced "Xperia 1 Mark II") reads like a cruel joke. At a penny shy of $1200 unlocked, this sequel is a full 26% pricier than its predecessor, and a cursory glance at its familiar form factor (now drained of all its fun color, at least in the US) fails to reveal why. The answer lies mainly beneath its three camera lenses, which encapsulate a camera system that’s focused almost exclusively on a very specific type of professional photographer: the type with the need for speed.



MrMobile's Sony Xperia 1ii Review / Sony Xperia 1 Mark II review was produced following eight days with a Sony Xperia 1ii review sample provided by Sony. The device was tested on T-Mobile and Verizon in and around Brooklyn, NY. Preproduction sample running prerelease software. The lone sponsor of this video is Surfshark; neither Sony nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.


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I can’t even afford these phones I just come here for the well curated and comprehensive MrMobile reviews

Author — Sean Ron


Man this is the phone that really makes me interesting! sadly my contract still running, but i am getting this for sure!!! Headphone jack, realistic shots, and zeiss optics! hell yeah!

Author — Concept Creator


Great coverage my friend! Looking forward to having you on the channel.

Author — SuperSaf


Headphone jack, front firing stereo speakers, and wireless charging? Damn, when's the last time we saw all three in a phone? The Nexus 6?

Author — Mt_Xing


Excellent review! I can't wait for the Xperia Pro. The ability to use it as an external monitor without carrying a set of NP batteries and a charger would be awesome!

Author — TechLine


As a photography nerd, holy shit it's incredible that they ported their pro stuff to the phone

Author — Still / Azure


why is there ce markings on the back when they had an excellent way of hiding there on a piece of paper inside the phone why would they get rid of this genius solution

Author — taltigolt


Dual Front Facing Speakers and Headphone Jack, such a rare combo for flagships these days.

Author — Anish Somawar


Sony and LG phones have so much potential that they almost never capitalise on because they don't seem to understand their market.

Author — Marcell Kovacs


I always find it odd when people go "OMG too expensive" when a phone that isn't an iPhone gets priced above a thousand dollars even if that phone can offer more features.

Author — Carl Viernes


Oooh, getting closer to the million. When it happens, it will be well deserved (and long delayed)

Author — bala chander


Pro tip for everyone: You can replace the ambient display with the classic led notification light, which wasn’t mentioned here.

Author — Anon Bin Anon


My s8 already served me for 3 years and it's starting to show it's age, I'm going to wait a few months for the Sony to depreciate in price to get one for myself.

Author — DOICES Life


Man, I really miss Sony, remember those days when it was at the dame level as iPhone or Samsung flagship's? Someone remember the Xperia z2? Good old days.

Author — Mario Eduardo Sánchez Peláez


It's basically just a "pocketable mirrorless camera" with a phone attached

Author — THEFIRE360


Is it true the selfie cam video is only 1080 30. This is a device designed for vloggers and professional content creators but people ate saying it has front facing camera tech from 3 years ago?

Author — Gavin Seim


Everyone loves Sony.. for whatever reason.. I do too!

Author — tarun1982


IPhone Expensive : check
Samsung Expensive: check
Sony Expensive: Houston we have a problem

Author — smartstills


5:54 you don't actually look like human in this photo the pixel editing has made you into some sort of grey wax figure. The sony may have lost a little highlights (which could be brought back if you auto edited the photo like the pixel is) but at least it's realistic.

Author — We say no to pay to win


I'd buy this over any other android in a heartbeat if I could afford it.

Author — dev sengupta