How to Open Browser and Login with Power Automate Desktop

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This tutorial shows how to open a browser and do a login with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop. We talk about the best practices around automating browsers and using credentials.


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0:00 Intro
Today we are automating Google Chrome with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, but the same approach is used for Edge or Firefox. We go to a URL, login into a system, take a screenshot and log out.

0:48 Open a Browser and Go to URL

1:47 Login on a Web page
We store the username and password as variables. The best practice is to keep them in a secure place. Use a populate text field on web page action to type the username and password into the internet page.

3:49 Selectors
A selector is an address of the different elements on a web page. It's in the CSS format.

6:52 Click a button in a browser
We use the Click link on web page to click a button (element) in a browser.

8:07 Take Screenshot
The Take screenshot of web page action takes a screenshot of an entire web page (or a specific element).

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Great intro to how to use PAD for web login, Anders! Awesome as usual!

Author — Adi Cristea


Hello and thank you for posting. It would be very useful if one could see a more secure password insertion method....something like the Credentials Asset in the UiPath platform. Some kind of local variable encryption maybe. Thank you again for posting. Greetings from RO. PS: one can see a slight shift in your channel from UP to MS Power Automate. Maybe you will have some new UiPath videos, too. Bye :)

Author — Playlist 1


Hii Anders Sir Appreciated content make a video on Selector in Power Automate Desktop from basic to advance full tutorial

Author — suraj singh


Anders Jensen. Really appreciate your content and has opened my eyes on how i can automate tedious repetitive work and re-invest my time in something more valuable. I did follow the same steps and almost all is working perfect except for that when i enter the password ads username manually it works but when PA does it for me it doesn't work. Any thoughts on that? Once again thanks for your valuable content!

Author — Mohamed Ahmed


Hi anders, can we get a video tutorial in which the bot will scrap the product from inside the link and scrap all the data then move back to another product. perf uipath.

Author — Wasay Sabri


What do you do if the login prompt is a popup before entering the page, not a login page as in the video example? Thank you.

Author — Michael Elkin


Another great video - i am looking at our ticketing system that is web based and need user name and password but also 2FA from either a text message or authenticate app - how is it best to do this in PAD - i was thinking of something like a wait command and then input box linked to UI automation of populate text field in window? but unsure

Author — shaun rowley


Awesome!...i need this. please do you have a video on how to move files into sharepoint?

Author — Olaotan Hamid


Thank you for this! Can i know if we are able to read simple 4 digits captcha image to login to a site ? Much appreciated!

Author — Ho Kahoo


Make a video on Data extraction from webpage basic to Advance in Power Automate Desktop

Author — suraj singh


Can we do that on firefox or any browser ? Even with out the PAD extension

Author — ahmad tamim


hii, how we can change profile of chrome or microsoft edge, i have different app shortcut for my different profile, i am unable to open different profiles this always open with same default profile using file loction and also i cant open it through desktop recording.

Author — Avinash kumar Shah


Make a video on Macro Excel Data Manipulation Tutorial using Macro Power Automate Desktop

Author — suraj singh


Hey sir I have captcha fro login page I entered a captcha the work continues or not?

Author — LOKESH B


How to Extract All url address from google search Please make tutorial....

Author — Skill Research