Should I Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple

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Should I Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple?

Do you get confused about when to say I sat or I have sat, I ate or I have eaten and other sentences like these?

These sentences use the PRESENT PERFECT or the PAST SIMPLE. In this video I am going to help you understand the difference, practice with you and help you with a tip on how to remember.

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Present Perfect
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REMEMBER if any of the conversation is difficult to understand you can turn on the subtitles with the "CC" button just below the screen. And, you can SLOW DOWN the speed of the video by clicking the "HD" button and choosing the playback speed. I recommend trying 0.75 or 0.5 and seeing what works best for you!

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Yes, we want to have a special video dedicated to all the tenses in the english language, it will be extremely helpful to finally, overcome this rabbithole.

Author — leon miguel


Present perfect is a challenge for me. Thanks so much for your helpful lesson ❤

Author — R L


Thank you very much for your work and your interesting lessons👍🌸

Author — Basile


Hi, Tania.
I always listening your recording videos for my practice.
I have a question here.

I'm continuously listening only your channel, because I'd like to just be used to listen to one native English speaker's English. I'm wondering if it's good practice. How are you think about it? Or shold I listen including some other speakers?

Thank you.

Author — テノール カズ


Thanks my dear Teacher Tania. My name is Lourdes I from Honduras. I have been watching your videos for a week. I listen to each video twice and understand a little each day that I practice English. I'm happy because my goal is to speak English well, but I still don't speak English, I can't hold a dialogue. Thank you for helping me..

Author — Lourdes Rodriguez


8:35 Kia Ora, Annie here from New Zealand, so pleased to join your lesson with many others around the world. I am very visual !!
so would appreciate it, if I could see what you are saying first on the screen to help me work out what you are requiring from me/us. Thank you 😊

Author — Ani Ahitapu


Hi, thank you, the clases is good. I'm learning so much

Author — Gloria Zapata


I'm very grateful for the lesson. I want a lesson about all the tenses

Author — Л S


Hi teacher...thank you for those lessons..I am from Syria ..I benefited a lot from lessons that gave me hope to learn and develop my language, which I had lost recently. Thank you from the heart.

Author — ابو ولاء الديري


Very helpful, Teacher. I missed the live session. Sorry for that, Mam.

Author — abdullah K


Very helpful lesson thank you very much.

Author — حمزة حسين


Hi I am just joining your video and I love listening your English lesson.
My name is Jennice from Philippines and I just refresh back my English language for 15 months ago from working of a non English country for 11 yrs.

Author — Jennice Orlanda


very beautiful lesson for me Dear American Teacher I hope next week i will be in the class again I love Americans so much.😊😇🥰😍🤗❤🤍💙💪👍🙏

Author — Anıl Erden


Very important lesson you shared in your you YouTube, so would you share me the lesson that I use for reading and writing mechanism. It is useful for me to share any think you have.

Author — nimcaan maxamuud


dear teacher, thank you for these great videos.i concetrate on each word that comes out of your mouth and memorizing it in my head..i would like to know exactly what you said after saying 'i am feeling better but i still have the remain...cough".i couldnt catch it

Author — Fyfy coco


Thank you so much for you continually working

Author — Ahmed Ameur


​We are very grateful. They (to be) so helpful to us while our mother was in the hospital. So why was the answer "Past Simple" not "Past Perfect"?

Author — Mohd Shahrir


Enjoying this lesson, Ngā mihi Thank you

Author — Ani Ahitapu


I am from Cuba. I live in Las Vegas, EU now.. Love your class.

Author — Ania Aliaga Mendoza


Hello brilliant teacher great channel pure information tank you for your happy ever is important information

Author — Francisco José