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News Now Stream 06/24/19 (FNN) 4.5
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The heavens r a brass barrier for those trying to pray to Jesus against the sitting administration. Dont pray against God its a futile endevour.

Author — Paul Eckersley


They came here with nothing now we have to put clothes on them .tell them to go to mosiers redgranite .

Author — Bill Ridarelli


Is Iran gonna be attacked by the mental disabled?

Author — Flying Tiger


Blame it on yourselves, you had decades to fix the border issue but kick the can down the road for your own political interest and global leftist influence.

Author — Nestor Matos


many memories good and bad mostly a friend left behind but too hot and not enough water for fishing and cooling off, I still have a place in my heart for AZ

Author — BOURNE


If you didn't have the devil in charge you won't have this problem

Author — David Hawkins


Only Fox Spews would even bother to broadcast this drivel.

Author — Fern Walker


Trump has separated over 3 thousand children, no other president comes even close. He continues to overfill his incarceration camps and torture these children.

Author — Gregor Resch


Why the camper on fire on middle of bridge, ? He he left stove on while driving

Author — Vi Reina Queen Bee


Trump behind American Patriots pray to the Lord for that glorious day

Author — great outdoors