French Dimension

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Content piece from Smash Ultimate Summit 5 ft. @GlutonnySSB @HazmattRules @TheTantalus

#SUS5 #SSBU #Glutonny

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Instantly the best skit of this summit ! We need a french dimension to happen again at a major LMAO

Author — Cendre


I love how the accordion has become humanity's way of saying "This is France".

Author — PuppetMaster9


For those who don't know, this was a legitimate thing (kind of) at Genesis 8. There was a set up behind some curtains where all the french players played, and it was pretty much this, just slightly more toned down. There was still super biased 'crowds' and stuff, who were all from france cheering whichever player was french on.

Author — Geirks


Tellement, on kiffe Smash en france, très fier de ce que nous propose Glutonny aux States !

Author — Léo Part


Thank you Beyond The Summit. I needed this in my life

Author — TroyL


I hope the French dimension becomes a genesis staple

Author — Gas Master


As a french person this is very accurate.

Author — Gabriel Mauger


I love how much more unbiased the French are compared to the rest of the smash ultimate community.. I mean honestly man they even would never discrimate because of anything! Even if you camped them out to timer. They're simply the prime example of a perfect crowd

Author — Nintendope


Nairo’s stream of this tourney was amazing. He kept calling the French room the shadow realm.

Author — Christopher Mattsson


Gluto is a man from France using an Italian character made from Japan and playing him in an American Tournament

Author — Exceed_HS2022


Gluto in a wario costume looks menacing

And caked up

Author — catphish gaming


"By far... by a fucking mile, the funniest shit I have ever seen"
As a french man, I can't describe how perfect it is, .
These meme face will stay for a long time.

Author — Carnassier


This baguette slap was priceless. Also, croissant controllers are the norm in France to obtain a negative input delay 🥐🥖💥.

Author — KyūRei*


I’m so glad they made a skit from all those tweets about that "French corner" in a big tournament a few month ago !

Author — CIRLU_bd


Incroyable cette production ! J'adore !!!! LETS GO GLUTO !

Author — Loutre Inversé


I am part of the French community And this is way to accurate

Author — lavraN fr fr


omg gluto was absolutely hilarious in this. best skit by far

Author — D-Rug


The insane irony here is that they are using the Quebecois French translation of the game and not the EU French translation LOL (King K. Rool is Roi K. Rool in quebec, but not in France, and you can see near the start K. Rool is named Roi K. Rool on the setup)

Author — chazym


Gluto’s impressions of Wario’s in-game Dash (1:07) and Crawl (1:22) animations were immaculate

Author — SamSee


bro this is the best gag ever man holy shit literal shit XD. All the gags have been great so far with riddles with riddles and coney's monkey attraction have made me laugh so hard.

Author — Kachee Chang