Quick Studio Update

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Just letting you guys know that I'm having a bit of a switch up here in the studio. Bit things coming soon. I've got some awesome reviews and videos planned. Hush hush until then!

Until then, keep on painting!

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That would be cool to see behind the scenes of an illustrators life. Maybe you could do a series where we follow you from getting an illustration job from contract signing to completion. Do yo use an agent or do you get work on your own etc.
On a side note, where did you get the big black metal plate you were using to attach your ergo arm to your Wacom.

Author — hamalot100


Your studio looks very nice! Can't wait to see all the new reviews on all your new toys, lol! Vlogs would be super cool. In fact, YouTube lets you livestream from your phone now, I think, so you could do livestreams easier too.

Author — Eleanor Taylor


LAWRENCECANDRAW ... you're killing me. I keep trying to get a look at a paper holder (?), its white & a grey clip, mounted to an arm or a monitor (?), is that what it is? Assuming you use it for references when drawing?

Author — John Kon