CEC 2018-Section 26: Kitchen Laying out and wiring a kitchen

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Using the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code we will lay out and wire a kitchen. This video will show you the correct placement, wire and breaker size and the appropriate receptacle to use.

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Thank you so much! I finished my foundations course and I'm on my 2nd day of work experience. I nice to learn from your video and see it actually being applied in the field. I wish I saw this when I was taking my 2 week code course in school. God bless and I subscribed!!

Author — myboysanji


Very helpful, explained every detail perfectly,
“The part that you said about 2 receptacles per branch circuit”. Can you please tell me which CEC code rule is that ?

Author — zsayed5


Thank you so much and God bless you, I'm new APPRENTICE and was trying to watch some videos regarding CEC, unfortunately i can find only USA electrical code. Never find Canadian electrical code .

Thank you

Author — Robel Berhe


How many plugs can I install with a 3.5m spacing. It is a straight wall. Will I need 4 gfci with two separate branch circuits?

Author — Darnell Bourassa


Microwave and Fridge are each their own, but they can be 15A?

Author — Michael Buono