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Streamed live on Oct 21, 2015

Join Corel Painter Masters Aaron Rutton and Lawrence Mann, as we enjoy a Live Google+ Hangout and answer some audience questions from our artist friends about being on YouTube!

If you've got any questions then leave them in the comments! Or if you know the answer or spot something we've left out then put it right in there!

In this clip, taken from the Hangout, Aaron and I talk about subscriber vs non subscriber views. What does it all mean??


The Google Hangout was hosted by Aaron Rutton. I'm very grateful for being invited. I'm looking forward to doing many more Hangouts in the future! Thanks Aaron. I'd also like to say a big thanks to anyone who watched the Hangout and particularly those who asked questions on the night! If you'd like to be invited to the next one then subscribe to my channel.


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Product reviews are going to get more views because the company behind those products have already marketed their products. If you want more views for your tutorials, you would have to built up an audience first.

Author — Teoh Yi Chie


0.03 percent of my viewers are subbed lol beat that.

Really interesting video, subbed

Author — Science Alliance