Superzoo team must protect the fruits of the harvest!

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Superzoo team must protect the fruits of the harvest! 3.5

Dr. Spooky wants to end the splendid harvest of apples from the Superzoo team. For this, he has created some spiders that will devour it whole. The Superzoo team must stop him and protect the environment once again. Come on children, you have to help them!

Superzoo team, the protectors of the environment!

Let's go kids! Let's learn to protect the planet Earth with the adventures of the Superzoo team.


SuperZoo values - Important Information for parents

Superzoo is an animated series for 2 - 7 years old kids focused on learning about environmental sensitive topics such as plastic in the sea, recycling, air pollution, respect to animals and many other as defined by the United Nations environmental agenda. SuperZoo´s scripted episodes always share other important values like the benefits of outdoor activity, team work and creativity while inviting your kids to have fun and live great adventures.

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