New Rule: Sub-Literate America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: Sub-Literate America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) 5

In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that Donald Trump's illiteracy isn't his shame – it's his bond with America.

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An illiterate bully, that lies, steals, cheats, and embarrasses us every time he touches a mike!

Author — Laticia Lockleer


“Just think of how stupid the average American person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!”
George Carlin

Author — Tom Riviere


His voters said "He's like me" (referring to themselves). I agree. Illiterate and semi-literates. SMH.

Author — Martin A


Bill Maher, when Trump says “most people don’t know this, ”, I believe it’s true and he is talking about his base.

Author — Ali


I thought a stable genius was an intelligent horse!!

Author — Sharon Snow


Absolutely! One thing he has not read and retained is the constitution!

Author — Lynda Mitton


"People don't know" actually means he is the one who didn't know it, and because he didn't know it, the world didn't know it either because in his little deranged mind he is the world.

Author — streamline6666


And apparently half the people in the US don't know that they have an idiot for a president.

Author — Norcanex S.G. LLC.


If it weren’t so catastrophically scary, it would be funny

Author — Carrie See


when trump says "most people don't know..." he is talking about his base and he's right.

Author — Bob Best


'the less a man knows, the more stubborn he is about knowing it.' -Osho

Author — black bird


"If you can't read, you cant' be President" love it.

Author — Allan


How to oppress people without a fight ? Take away education ( & health care)

Author — Touroc


Bill Maher is an extremely profound, literate, knowledgeable, erudite and educated man.
Trump is exactly the opposite. It must take enormous fortitude to be able to talk about Trump without having anti-peristaltic movements. I know I do just seeing a picture of his face.

Author — Dr Anthony Asturi


To be fair, his MAGAts probably don't know these basic facts.

Author — Moe


The scariest thing is he has our nuclear football.

Author — Oma Cool


When Trump is out of office he will be the one president that was laughed about more than any other politician in history.

Author — Irish Eyes


People Don’t Know This F’ing hell, most rocks know what he doesn’t know.

Author — Brenda Swann


So many Trump supporters I know are proud to be ignorant. They believe being simple minded is a virtue.

Author — tacoeatingzebra


Donny Bone-Spur's Theme Song: "If I only had a Brain"

Author — Jon Emery