10 Largest Military Bases In The United States And In The World

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10 Largest Military Bases In The United States And In The World 5

Military bases around the world are hubs of activity, with facilities for housing, operations, cooking and dining, hygiene, equipment maintenance and storage, and even medical care and treatment. The United States is known for having the largest defense budget as well as the largest military bases in the world. These expansive military camps support populations of thousands of soldiers, retirees, personnel, and their civilian families. Alaska Structures Military ranks the world’s five largest military bases below.

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No one :
China : Ohhh thank you for telling us all your military bases, set up the rocket

Author — MAL .A


In other words,
all of the biggest bases are owned by the US.

Author — Hans Erich Pediapco


Yeah, the USA has hundreds of military bases around the world and spreads BS by saying Russia is a threat.... give me a break, liars.
The truth is the USA is a threat to Russia.

Author — Alain Chiaroni


Suggestion: Largest United States Overseas Military Airbase

Author — 노름Æ.careful


Eglin AFB is pronounced EGG-lin not EL-gin.

Author — Mike From Florida


YUMA @4:45, remind me of Resident Evil

Author — Cyril Chui


you don't know the actual size of acre first you have to clear your facts😂😂😂

Author — Atul Antil


Make one video on gps system
Happy independence day 🎉🎈🙏🙂

Author — # free tibet xinjiang Free pok col


Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction.

Author — Lalruatdika Varte


Buzz you must make video about most best 3D Long Range Radar Air Defence & Early Warning System from all world Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, GB, US
Great The Buzz, Bravo

Author — gawan


The US is really good at bases! Question: could you do a list for the biggest navy basses in Europe?

Author — Peter Harrop


Nice point of the view, but what about other Russians? Interesting isn`t it....?

Author — Timo Kuosmanen


If U.S.A. uses its mind it would conquer half of the world's land area, make conquered nations American citizens and treat those people equal to their citizens and make living standards better. When this happen, US will be the undisputed superpower and the other half of the world will respect it. Now, US weakness as a democracy is that the President's term is short limit. Other countries is quick to realized this bad limitations and extend their president limit at maximum. U.S.A. must not allow or put taxes to those rallying at the streets against the goverment, it just makes U.S.A. a very messy nation to other countries. When America will not address this issues, then Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Kazahkstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and other nations will form a pact that would expand their territories through dredging and grabbing lands and would enlarged their inhabitants to 4 billion people. Soon, America and its allied countries would find themselves close to axis pact countries. And when the time is ripe that American technologies are already stolen, axis countries through the leadership of Russia will launch and declare nuclear warfare against allied nations that would last a year and America name will gone forever because of its negligence of not addressing their issues a long time ago. Act now America while their's still time!

Author — JDRed Jhonnyheb


The size of my country is 2040 square km .. these bases are nearly or are bigger than the size of my nation 😆

Author — Sarfaraz Erahdun