'Jiyein Kyun Dum Maaro Dum' Full Video Song (HD) | Rana Daggubati, Bipasha Basu

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"Jiyein Kyun" is an awesome track sung by Papon in movie Dum Maaro Dum. The lyrics are also very meaningful. Share your comments & views for this song!!
Song : Jiyein Kyun
Movie : Dum Maaro Dum
Singer : Papon
Star Cast : Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Aditya Pancholi, Anaitha Nair & Prateik.
Music Director : Pritam
Lyrics : Jaideep Sahni
Music Label : T-Series

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💬 Comments

People around me find it weird that this is in my top10 playlist. I hope I am not alone.

Author — Anurag Kumar


Gained 35 kgs in lockdown but Papon's voice still heavier and stronger 💝

Author — Sumit Dubey


This song is about everyone who lost a lover. This song is about everyone who lost themselves. Those damned nights.

Author — Dolly


Pain is not only about separation . Biggest pain is when you see your loved ones with somebody else.

It's about seeing your life shattering into pieces in front of you and you can do absolutely nothing about it.

It's about imagining the person you love kissing somebody else.

Author — Apurva Aswal


Papon is highly underrated in the music industry we should appreciate him more ✨

Author — Gogoi Raj


Bahut saal pehle bahut, bahut roya tha is gaane par! Zakhm tab taaze they, ab sab yaadein ban ke reh gaye!

Author — Micro My Blood


February 4, 2021 Thursday!
I miss her so much! I've been loving her for 7 years (one sided love) though she never talked to me once rather i'm on her block list. But whatever i still love her. One sided love has the most storngest feeling in the world. No expectation just pure love from one side. Started loving her from 2014. It's 2021 now. She was my classmate for 5 years. But never talked me though i tried my level best to talk to her. Never forced her bacause i loved her & still Loving. My love, wherever you are now may allah give you the most happiness in your life. Live long. Stay safe. My love for you will never decline. One sided love for 7 years. To be continued

Author — Danger Zone


I want those days back where we use to wait for hours on 9xm to listen this ❤️

Author — Syed Faraaz


best part of any song is the comments section everyone's share theirs feelings.
you don't truly realise how much you love a person till you see her with someone else it's hurt 💔

Author — Sun sany


10+ years and this song never fails to mesmerize you. Pure Magic..! Hats off Papon..!



This was my father's favourite remember when he used to sing this song and I used to laugh at his voice. I never knew why he used to listen to this song and what was so special about it until now that I listen to this song every night secretly remembering him. It's been almost five years without him but memories tend to remain so fresh whenever I listen to this song. It feels like he was with me until yesterday.

Author — Nandita Mahanta


Its not about seperation, it's about seeing them with someone else.💔

Author — Sameeksha Bajpai


Papon was underrated, i literally crying for him that he didn't get what he deserved 😪

Author — Manish Kumar


It's 2am at night, silent, dark room, listening to this masterpiece and recalling old memories ❤🌹

Ahhhh.... I feel inner peace 💯

Author — Sayon Islam


One of the most underrated song of bollywood. Nobody could sing this song better than Papon. He is unmatchable✨

Author — Megha Sharma


This song is like scratching a dry wound and making it bleed again

Author — Hari Nandan


July 2021, let's see how many are listening this masterpiece💗

Author — R★$èék


Oh my!! This song!! A poignant memory rekindled :(
Good old days !!

Author — The Unicorn Girl


I thought I was the last one of the 2000's gen, to have this in my playlist.😔😌
Happy to see you around..

Author — Jeet Gevaria


It's been almost 5 years since my love went away from me after 4 years of relationship. I loved her the most. Still do. Always will. She will get married to someone else this year. I just wish her all the happiness in the world. This song is ❤️

Author — Nithin Kumar