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This amazing credit score hack for 2020, explained by Matthew Pillmore, President of VIP Financial Education, can boost your credit score 100 points or more in as little as 30 or 45 days! It's simple. It's easy. And it will make a huge difference to your financial success. Learn this secret today!

For those that don't like intros - 3:32 - You're welcome ;)

Why Your Credit Score May Drop | FICO 10 Sees BIG Changes in 2020:

Raise Your Credit Score FAST:

WATCH THIS Before You Get Your Next Credit Card:

How I Use My Credit Cards:

What Makes a Credit Score?

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They didn’t teach this in school but thank GOD I know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Author — AFV571



Author — Justsome Randomdude


I’ve heard some people get so mad that someone won’t co-sign for them. I’d never co-sign for anyone. Ever. Setting yourself up for heartache. DON’T.DO.IT!!!

Author — CREEwitch


My husband had not so good credit so we tried the piggybacking technique and all I can say is thank you. It worked for us he went from low 600s to 780 in not even a month!
I know this is an old video... but I thought I’d share our experience so someone else who has doubts like we did can be sure it works and possibly give it a try!

Author — Marisa G


@4:30 is where it starts, but awesome info!

Author — soulofhandball


I'm 28 and come from a family who didn't educate themselves on Credit, now I'm having to do this myself (sad it's taken me this long to understand how important it is because I pay for EVERYTHING with Cash). LOL. This information was helpful. Thanks!

Author — Ashley Rodriguez


I just added my 10 year old son as an authorized user. Trying to build him a good foundation that I didn't have.

Author — Baowinator orororo


This is great! I have a credit score of 736 as a senior in high school. Getting closer to my goal of perfect credit!

Author — Landon Gauger


I will never co-sign for anyone again. Don’t trust family!

Author — Lola H


I had 350 credit score because I was young and dumb. Now 31 I’m still working twice is hard to get it back up. So I did a joint account with my girl and that has helped me a lot I starter paying my collections little by little and now I’m at 627. I now have couple credit card and a new car. In this country if you don’t have good credit you ain’t going very far.

Author — Eddie Nunez


To add, if you are added or you choose to add someone as Authorized User, that Authorized User doesn't actually have to use the account. Typically, the AU would be mailed their own Credit card with their name. If they make a purchase using their card, the balance goes on that account. So Primary card holder's balance goes up and they have to pay (or have a payment agreement made between AU and Primary Account Holder). To avoid an AU from being a risk (if you decide to add someone as an AU), just have their card mailed to yourself and don't let them use it. Your monthly payments will reflect on their credit score. Way better than co-signing.

Author — SopranoJessi


Listen to him been there co signing is the worst experience I that's over😌

Author — mary A


Great Information, very helpful. My parents never educated me on credit and because of that lack of knowledge I have to dig myself out of some bad debt. I am working hard at getting my number up to 700's and am thankful people like you educated on such a valuable subject.

Author — Jade Gates


Yeah, you look like G eazy, Thats dope!

Author — Neoangelo Fiesta


FICO score means "I'm in debt!"

Author — Mr. Skeptical


TL;DW Get added as an authorized user to someone's account that has been open for a long time.

Author — Jordan West


My credit score is in the lower 500's, I want to get a perfect credit score again. I'm excited for this learning process.

Author — Christopher


To those who don't have a credit score and want some advice...

I'm still new to this game in the sense that a year ago, my credit was 0. It only took me 6 months to go from having no credit, to a score over 600. A couple months after that, my score is now almost 700. I anticipate it being over 700 before the end of this year. Getting a vehicle loan is one of the fastest ways to build up your credit score, second only to a mortgage. If no one is willing to be a co-signer on an auto loan, and you also can't "piggyback" on another persons established account. The only way that I'm aware of to start building credit up from zero is to get a secured credit card and maybe see about getting a line of credit as well to have multiple accounts open. Never use the line of credit! The interest rate on my line of credit account is outrageously high and incurred daily! Using a credit card every month is a good idea however. Spend less than 10% of your cards credit limit per month (i.e. don't charge more than $100 if your limit is $1000) and pay it off on time, every time. Remember! You're going into debt every time you swipe or insert your card, so don't go into debt if you're not sure you'll have the money to pay off that debt. Take out a small loan as soon as you can and use that loan to pay itself off. You'll have to pay the interest on that loan too of course so it's basically buying a better credit score. Aside from always making payments on time, creditors look to see how you manage multiple accounts over time. Keeping 3 or 4 accounts open for multiple years is what your goal should be after ALWAYS MAKING YOUR PAYMENTS ON TIME.

Author — Jeremy Stubbs


Interestingly enough I “piggy backed” on my wife’s account while simultaneously having a debt removed and jumped 135 points on my credit score

Author — Rudy Castillo


Extremely high quality upload! I was expecting the usual "pay down dept, check Credit Kharma" BS. But this was absolutely fantastic advice.

Thanks for the hot tip!

Author — Michael Stizza