Nioh - Before You Buy

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Nioh (PS4) is the latest Souls-esque RPG. The developers are experienced, the style is awesome. But is the game good? Jake breaks it down.

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I spent this afternoon playing this at a friend's house and I love it.

You can see the Souls skeleton and the Ninja Gaiden soul in it. Good main character, excellent setting/ambientation, scary enemies, deep combat mechanics, great challenge, tricky level design.

This is what I'm gonna be playing for a really long while, I'm afraid !

Author — Thai Corralo Vigo


3:39 i've never thought much about that feeling when you discover a new boss but it's totally real and it's feels almost like it's own emotion. thank you for pointing out this feeling

Author — noobb1212


This game is amazing. Certain bosses are definitely on par with the souls series. The different stances combined with the different weaponry is what makes me love this game. So many different ways to play.

Author — Jpoyt5


man I can't get enough of these gameranx videos. Keep up the awesome work, guys! This game looks awesomely challenging and has a pretty cool story as far as I can see!

Author — Julian Brown


I've been loving it so far. As for the linear levels, I don't feel like they're all that linear after the first couple missions. The combat is intensely satisfying

Author — ThongMedic


I honestly love this genre. I would love to see more developers follow suit and put forth more of what from software established with the souls and bloodborne franchises. Love the challenge and though it tries hard to be like souls it also tries just as hard not to be. Overall it's a great effort put forth and a welcome addition to a rather limited genre.

Author — Cash Cunningham


I just bought this last night and stayed up till 2 in the morning with a smile on my face. the game feels incredibly rewarding when you fight a bigger demon and the constant drop I think is meant to drop so much to give the player a progression feel

Author — Jose Perez


I just finished the remastered version for PS5, this was my first and possibly only playthrough. I have very strongly mixed feelings. Most of the time I hated the game and finished out of spite. It felt horribly unbalanced, either completely obliterate the bosses or be obliterated, there were few that felt well balanced. The menu systems... wow, 30%-40% of playtime is in some sort of menu. If you don't just go through them all yourself you'll miss out on several things as well. Also, most of the mechanics have little to no explanation, so either look it up or trial and error.

I think the game is designed in a way I just don't like. I don't want to spend dozens of hours putting together several load outs, grinding for the parts, and just digging through menus, but it seems this is how the game was intended. Maybe one day I'll do the DLC, I do plan on giving Nioh 2 a play at some point, but I think I need to give it some time as this was an overall sour experience. It never felt rewarding, as if I over came a challenge, because it was either super hard, or super easy, depending on load out, and how many menus I forgot to dig through.

Author — TrundleTheGreat


I'm glad that they made it feel like Onimusha. One of the best game series from Capcom. I miss playing it on mt PS2. Old but Gold.

Author — PianoKing64


For those having difficulty. Guys I want to say I played this game almost a year ago and a million times I wanted to break my tv or controller. I almost gave up I don’t know how many times, but it gets easier once you understand, and move on. Most of the game is very fast and is just being prepared, so studying your enemies moves makes it so much easier. It’s hard when the combat is so fast to think that but once you separate the fast combat and studying your opponents moves it gets easier.

Author — Paulie K


I've been playing this type of game since The Immortal, and I'm finding that I sincerely love Nioh just as much as Demon / Dark Souls / Bloodborne. The Japanese version has been long awaited and is very well done. Been playing over the last few days and really appreciate the complexities & style :) my only concern is that the story will be short, but we'll see. Looking forward to in-depth critiques after we've all finished ng+ :)

Author — Oren Jenkins


I found Nioh to be actually HARDER than a Souls game, particularly if you stick to your weapons and avoid cheesing bosses with magic, ninjitsu and living weapons. Overall I prefer Souls mechanics, though, as Nioh tends to gum things up with endless complication. It's definitely a game worth playing, but even though I purchased the season pass I've had little temptation to go back and play the DLC which I got for free. I guess that says something. The notion that I'd simply skip a Souls DLC is unthinkable.

Author — Scrublord


The leveling system, enemy and item placement, the risk reward system aswell as level structure are all dark souls. But the combat and character tools are definitely unique. I found the core gameplay is easier and more forgiving than souls but mastering the gameplay as a whole, while not necessary in Nioh, is more difficult than a souls game

Author — Lupus Gilbert


I've played the alpha, beta, and last chance trial. I loved every bit. bought this immediately. hands down, one of my favorite games

Author — Brandolph!


I just picked this up a few days ago. Its so great. I died....still die a lot. I went in thinking of dark souls but you are right the combo while the same in theory is different in execution. The stance changing lets you combo well when you get the feel for it. and Yes some big Onimusha feels. I love it.

Author — Daisuke Nomura


Ive played all the souls games, and i found nioh significantly more challenging.

Author — Sam Hardie


A true masterpiece, one of the best games played in my life.

Author — Boston Alex


Omg I never played the souls games and this looks amazing to me. I'll definitely give it a shot, thanks for the review!

Author — neonpop80


I love this game I picked it up release day, I also played the beta it was a very enjoyable game. I loved the souls games and I hope they continue to make these games

Author — Caleb Barels


I always appreciate these before you buy videos especially this one I was really debating getting and I will be definitely purchasing it within the next few days thanks gameranx

Author — Crimson Renegade