How Often Is Seth Rogen High In His Movies?

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How Often Is Seth Rogen High In His Movies? 5

'Long Shot' star Seth Rogen reveals what percentage of the time he's actually high in his movies.

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so cringey how non-smokers talk about weed

Author — Ramón Aguilar


Seth Rogen needs to go on Joe Rogan, and really talk.

Author — william sewell


No one gonna talk about how great he looks? He's lost soo much weight and is looking very healthy! Well done man

Author — Joshua Banghard


The media is so fascinated with how much Seth Rogen smokes and functions in Hollywood. Props to him for breaking the stigma

Author — Sheraz Ahmed


Seth: "Im not like my characters"
also Seth: "Im high 24/7"

Author — K0E


Seth makes us pot heads so proud. Lol I love him.

Author — RJBISHERE Bali


Wait a minute... does that mean Pumba will technically be high af in the Lion King?

Author — Kily Kily Power


Seth Rogen still can't believe how successful he became. That's why he's so enthusiastic all the time (and he's high all the time :D)

Author — Black Phillip


Steven is such a nerd when it comes to weed. He talks about it like a curious Mormon teenager

Author — Nate Ward


he’s proof that weed doesn’t make you lazy, it’s all on you to decide

Author — CliffLife Keith


Stephen: You do enjoy the "occasional" Marijuana cig
Seth: I smoke weed all day everyday of my Life 😂😂😂

Author — The Alchemist


Non-stoners can be quite blatantly judgemental. It's like "Haha, you're high" is all they can come up with.
Being high is not about just being silly or laughing all the time. it's about enjoying everything around you *even more* and sometimes gaining new perspective.

Author — greenspectrum


It's pretty obvious by his mannerisms that he's basically high all the time. You can be a completely functioning person high, but you still speak and mime in a funny and awkward way.

Author — Matthew Dorry


seth rogan talks as if he just inhaled and kept it in his lungs while talking

Author — Not Mark


"How Often Is Seth Rogen High In His Movies?"
Seth Rogen: "Yes"

Author — Josue Chicatti


and just like that, Seth Rogen became a thin old man

Author — Patrick Ware


Seth Rogen has the most cartoon sounding voice I have ever heard

Author — Tyler Roach


They're talking about being lit and working.. on national television. What a time to be alive, at least we're making SOME progress, America.

Author — Tim C


Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill are the definition of peaking later in life

Author — B H-0


Ive seen 90% of Seths films but seeing his grey hair makes me feel old xD

Author — Giraffe Im A