Best Stud Finder? $262 Bosch vs $10 CH Hanson vs 9 Other Wall Stud Scanners! Let's find out!

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Stud finders, detectors, wall scanners tested: DeWalt, Zircon, Franklin T6, Franklin T13, C.H. Hanson, Bosch GMS 120, Bosch D-TECT 120, Zircon A100, Stanley, Perlesmith, and JAXWQ. Stud detectors tested for stud detection, stud edge detection, water filled PVC pipe, copper and metal pipe, electric, and speaker wire.

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My super power is the ability to miss every stud, regardless of tools or equipment. It’s pretty impressive.

Author — Phil


As a contractor trying to stay up to date with changing tech, and making sure to get the best bang for my buck I have to say…I’m watching more and more of your videos, and the more I watch the more I realize you are the best on YouTube. No filler, no bs, no sponsors, just straight honest to God info…and man, they’re really helping a lot
Thanks! Keep up the good work

Author — Omnis


There is one thing that a lot of people seem to miss when using the Bosch D-Tect 120: your second hand has to stay in contact with the wall while using the device. The manual says that and it makes a big difference. The only issue is: who reads manuals?



I've been using the Franklin T13 for a few years now. I've been very happy with it, and it's done much better than the two Zircons, a Stanley and a Black and Decker I have used in the past. I renovate houses for a living, so I use these things frequently. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy your channel a lot.

Author — Colin Bois


I was a maintenance tech for several years. Personally, I love the C.H. Hanson. It will find copper against the wall. Its the only one that will stay on the wall when it finds a screw. I like it alot better than the electronic ones. 100% accuracy and it's cheap. I've had the same one for years. It's attached to the roof of my truck and never moves. I've never had to replace batteries.

Author — reamrkj1125


would have been nice to see how they compare on lathe and plaster. i've tried the lower end electronic ones with no luck there but the magnet ones saved the day

Author — Saigyl


Great test video! I like Franklin Sensors for simplicity, and find it quicker for locating exact centers. They have a new Pro M50 model with changed design shape that looks closer to other brand stud finders. They added electrical sensing and additional depth and is about the same affordable price as the T6.

Author — Ron Lovell


Got the bosch dtec 120 after fiddling around with cheap tools for years. Best decision i could have made, that thing rocks and makes work really easy 😄👍

Author — Erebos


I worked for Bosch and bought one of theirs cheap with employee discount, and it was crap. Im glad I didnt pay the insane prices they charged, and once again you proved what I had suspected. The top end Bosch found everything, but at an insane price.

Author — thedementation666


Wow, you put a lot of time and money into making this video to help people choose the right scanner. Thank you for the excellent testing! A++

Author — electronicsNmore


Would love to see how these do when testing over plaster walls, or any wall that is thicker than half inch and an uneven surface. Finding studs behind my 3/4 inch plaster walls is very difficult.

Author — Daly Close


Absolutely love your vids!
Could you do a revisit on studfinders with concrete and brick walls though? As that is a more common buildpractice for a big part of the world, including mine lol.

Keep it up!

Author — sjoerdvanzuypenstein


As a GC/handyman, I use Franklin finder's almost exclusively. It makes it really easy to find the studs and get a picture of what's going on. If you have lath, or loose drywall, or horizontal blocking it's a lot easier to figure out on the Franklin (more bars light up than they should, for loose drywall pushing or scanning up and down gets it to the normal 3 lights, and for horizontal blocking turning 90° it gets you accurate results. I haven't found object sensing to be overly accurate or usable, though my Walabot seems to get everything.

Author — Christopher Hurkens


I think the T13 is equally precise as the T6 from my own testing. I saw a little wiggling on the test here, nothing major, but if you score right when and where the light shifts on movement, you'll be at the edge with 99% accuracy every time. I love my T13. Franklin wins for me. Haven't seen the end of the video yet though. lol

Author — Jacob Jones


As usual well done, professional, never boring and quick pace editing. You’re good dude. Very good job.

Author — DDT DDT


You are my go-to for tool, glue, etc. comparisons! I really appreciate your consistent scientific method to compare things in multiple different ways (and multiple times for repeatability (esp with the glue review)). I know it takes effort to set it all up, but I don't know of any more thorough reviewer/tester out there. Thanks very much!

Author — Robert Keener


I really appreciate how methodical and careful your videos are, it feels like I can come away knowing the objective truth as opposed to other channels where I have to approximate and account for bias and improper testing.

Author — GravyGrylls


Your testing always makes me want to try something new. I was gonna buy yet another zircon, but ordered the Tacklife instead. I’m loving my new gadget even if it isn’t perfect—-at least I know what to expect. Thanks for your excellent videos!

Author — K NF


Would love to see an "ease of use" category. I've had a couple of those chinese jaunts where you have to calibrate them and while it's probably user error, they're SUPER inaccurate for me. I could use them 5 times in a row and get 5 different results. I hate them so much. i'd rather have one that comes pre calibrated and i can just put up against the wall and go. based on what you said about the 2 Franklins, those are the stud finders for me, and i appreciate the footnote, but i think it would have been good to actually rate the category.

Author — Josh Todd


"I went ahead and built a test wall."

I appreciate how much work goes into these videos.

Author — 914050a