Exploring a $2,500,000 Flintstones Abandoned Mansion in the Woods | 1970s Abandoned Stone Mansion

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In todays video we explore an abandoned $2,500,000 Flintstones inspired mansion in the woods. this place was built for a family who owned several funeral homes in the area in the 1970s but was later abandoned in 2010 when the owner passed away and no one from the family lived anywhere near it to take over. it is said that the son gained ownership but is currently in jail s the mansion sit abandoned.


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As a carpenter, I've always been enthralled by abandoned buildings. The amount of effort it took to build this structure, and all of the memories that were created there, all being engulfed by nature. It's both sad and beautiful.
PS thanks for the effort of trying to keep vandals away from places like this.

Author — Just Chill


"Really secluded out here." As the neighbor's weed eater is ramping up.. lol

Author — David McGuire


I’m surprised none of his children wanted the house, looks like it was absolutely beautiful at one time

Author — Shelly Shell


One good way to tell the age of a house is by flipping the toilet tank lid over and look for the date stamp on the lid as long as it’s an original toilet you will be close on the age of the house. All toilet tanks are dated.

Author — Ross Kulma


That house looks so cool I can only imagine how much cooler it looked when it was all together. Appreciate the tour.

Author — Thresa Roach


The house is mostly stone, so it should be salvageable. Seeing all that ruined insulation on the floor makes me want to clean up the place.

Author — P


Looks restore-able but would be a lot of work. Wonder why the family hasn't sold it if they are not going to do something with it.

Author — Jason Miller


This house is really different...would have loved to seen it in its heyday.

Author — Tamra Robinson


I can’t imagine someone going into a store, seeing that wallpaper, and saying “Yep! That’s the one for my house!” 🤣

Author — maxsammyallie


Glad the man who built it got to enjoy it for almost 40 years, can't imagine the taxes on that let alone upkeep!!!

Author — Laura


Hey guys. I remember footage from this house from the 80s it might’ve been on inside edition or some thing like that. If you can find that old footage you can see what it used to look like when it was new. But I totally remember seeing this house with the occupants in it back in the 80s. I tried looking for it but I can’t find it. If you find it posted it that would be cool

Author — Colleen Madden


That was an amazing tour!!!! To be a kid growing up there had to be just fun! The groovy wallpaper in the bathrooms was pretty neat!! The stone work everywhere is the main building block of the structure. You guy did a fabulous job taking up back in time to the funky sixties!! Well done!!

Author — Caryol Kobetsky


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this house is most likely from the mid to late '60s. Big clues are the lighter pine wood paneling, the groovy bright colors in the bathroom, the stonework within the house. All of those appointments were all the rage in the mid to late '60s. Spiral staircases were a big trend at that time also. Think, The Beatles. psychedelic trips, Timothy Leary. Definitely not the 70's. The way to detect the seventies is the use of dark brown painted wood paneling, not knotty pine planks. Stone wasn't used in much the '70s. Rocks for fireplace facades as seen here were used mostly in the late '50s unto the mid-'60s. The stone there is granite, by the way.
The 70's interior designers used colors like dingy mustard yellow, avocado green, and burnt orange. This place is too borderline mid-century modern in design as well.
The colored tubs, commodes, and countertops were also from the '60s. They used lighter colors then. I
think the bright green bathroom was for their children. And maybe the reason for the fun round island dual sink design and color choice.

Author — Melinda Curtis


Just listen to the sounds of nature outside living in this house is therapeutic and the architecture is just amazing for its time. Glad this was recommended

Author — Halaiki Tarini


I don’t think they made the roof as good as the walls, since they are all collapsing

Author — Anita Rodriguez


This is such a groovy house. I could see myself living in it. That green bathroom with the island with two sinks were groovy too. I wonder ow much it would cost to purchase this house. I know you said that the owner was in jail but he might want to sell it. It would not take a lot of work to get this house into shape to live in. A lot of clean up and pest control. The only things that are bad but wouldn't take a whole lot of work is repairing the floor in a few places. I think giving all of the carpet a good cleaning would be helpful also.

Author — George Burke


Wood paneling, avocado green bathroom~Def a 70's feel. Intercom systems were a must then too.🙂

Author — I, state your name


I can’t be the only one who wishes this guy would learn more about homes.... it would make the videos much better.

Author — Tommy F


I am wondering how much it would cost to rebuild that home. I would love to have the money to get it and do it all over to my taste meaning removing that wallpaper in the bathroom LOL. I do like the idea of the small island in the bathroom.

Author — Steve Standing Wolf


If you had the money, that house would definitely be worth redoing... Mostly roof, flooring and some windows.

Author — sluke60