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Chandrayaan-2: What Went Wrong In The Final Moments | The Quint 4.5
After a successful journey of 48 days from Sriharikota in India to the Moon, the last few minutes proved to be disappointing to ISRO and India for the Chandrayaan-2 mission. ISRO lost communications with the Vikram lander when it was about 2.1 kilometres from the surface of the Moon.

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Don't leave our scientists in this bad time..
They meant alot for us

Author — I love Food


Im still proud of you isro i know they surely will bounce back

Author — Rohit Singh


Well done India, being a Pakistani, I appreciate your efforts. This is not the time to be disheartened as what you've achieved is no small feat. It's for the benefit of the whole mankind, we salute you.

Author — AdamantAF


Respect from Pakistan, beyond any border and tensions you did a great job. Scientists are the assets of whole mankind. I'm very much happy to see the efforts of India regarding exploration of the universe.

Author — Sultan Hissam


this is a remarkable milestone all things considered! There will be a next time and until then proud of our scientists!

Author — sanjay nirmal


Watching ISRO chief K Sivan crying while hugging PM broke my heart. Still, its a huge milestone to be able to reach so close to south polar region of moon. After all science is all about trying and failing again trying and on and on.

Author — Apoorva Upadhyay


Apollo 1 - all 3 astronauts died in the command module fire while on earth while practicing control protocols on earth.

Soyuz 11 - Soviet Union's Soyuz 11 was carrying men into space. It completed the missions, returned to earth and the craft performed a textbook-perfect landing in 1971. So recovery teams were appalled to find the three-man crew sitting dead in their couches. They had died due to a valve malfunction that had depressurized the cabin and killed the three cosmonauts in space.

Challenger - a temperature drop and corroded O ring popping explodes the challenger space shuttle 73 seconds into the flight All 7 astronauts aboard it died

Columbia - a damaged heat shield causes Colunbia to explode on reentry. All 7 astronauts including Kalpana Chawala die

Apollo 11- the lunar module (lander) alsmost did not make it. They had merely 30 seconds of fuel left and the terrain below them was horrible. In the fine breaking phase a hand of fate guided them to a safe landing. The POTUS at the time had prepared 2 speeches - one for a successful landing while another for having lost men away from earth on the moon, I am not belittling NASA's work or the skill of the pilot. I am merely saying that there is a lot else at play. Not everything can be predicted. Every success has a potential for failure within it until it succeeds and every failure has a potential for success.

Apollo 13 - after 2 successful landing missions on the moon, NASA's Apollo 13 disintegrated in space and the astronoauts had to come back without landing on the moon. Merely bringing them back was a challenge. NASA had sent square filters for cylindrical ports of carbon dioxide filters (very intelligent NASA. learn shapes please. I am not belittling them, I am merely saying how did that happen). However, with great ingenuity, they brought them back and learned a ton. It was therefore called a successful failure.

Space exploration is full of such failures. And people persevered despite the cost of not just money, time and energy spent on it but also the cost of human lives. In the face of all this, Chandayaan is not even close to being a massive failure. Taking off with a heavier payload, getting with the heavier payload into earth's orbit, exiting earth's orbit with the heavier payload and entering the moon's orbit with that heavier payload is an increased challenge from the previous missions. The undocking, docking maneuvres, detaching from the orbiter, exiting moon's orbit to go to the moon, various stages in getting to the moon up until the rough breaking phase were all new maneuvres for this mission. Their successful completion is a success in it self and accomplishing that for the first time was also a part of the mission. We just failed at the penultimate stage of fine breaking before landing. That is actually a tiny fraction of the behemoth process and steps to actually getting there. That was the last step. We should not disregard the previous dozens of steps accomplished with textbook precision. This, too, will be a successful failure even if it turns out that the worst-case scenario of the lander and rover are completely shattered, has come to pass.

Note that when Soviet Union and America tried landing on moon, they started with a hard landing or crash landing by design. Because the mere feat of getting up there seemed impossible. We started with a soft landing. And not only that, we chose a very ambitious site to land - near the south pole of the moon on its dark side. Not much is known about this site. It is quite possible that the temperature being very low might have formed ice crystals in the fuel and caused thrusters to fail or the sensors could have been damaged due to unexpected conditions. And even if it were a design, engineering or tech failure, we need not be disheartened.

Back during Apollo 11 days, while USA used a 4 booster design, Russia (SU) designed one with 32 boosters. The idea was that if one failed, other 31 would continue going. However, it was built within short time while there was a lot of tribalism going on in their space program and was a very complicated highly ambitious design. Hence, it failed - massively. SU became almost a laughing stiock. But decades later, the same design was modified and is now one of the most efficient and wonderful ways to launch the Soyuz to ISS. What seems like a failure today maybe a gateway to something better in the future.
I don't know how may of people remember this, but ISRO had massive fail after fail while testing the GSLV. The world used to say it is not our cup of tea. But ISRO did not give up and they designed one of the most economical rocket launchers on earth. The same GSLV now holds the world record of launching 104 satellites in one go. It is so cheap that countries from all over the world, even Germany whose research and scientists made US and SU space programs possible, use it to launch their satellites.
And to think of the fact that we accomplished it with a budget that space programs of US and Russia etc would not even consider pocket change, is in itself a great feat.

ISRO always bounces back. It will and accomplish something even better. That is the point of science. It is filled with failures that lead to success. That is the point of research. Sometimes failures teach us more than success. Imagine how many ships were lost at sea trying to discover new lands. This is no different. Every child learns to fall before it learns to walk. A fighter must learn to tolerate blows before he learns to attack. This is India and ISRO learning to accept the blows and learn from it like a champ. And sure, these people may not have their names on the mission that landed on the moon. However, their contribution will be the key for the team that does land it in the future. Science only progresses on the shoulders of its predecessors.

Author — Wrong Turn


Much love from Germany ! Go India ! Next time you will succeed :D

Author — Progressive


In Next time our Isro scientists will achieve...👌🚀🚀🚀🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳...Jai hind

Author — Miraaj Muhammad


Always proud of you ISRO... You will get connected again in sha Allah. You are capable to achieve this milestone soon or in next time..

Author — M NISAR


Victory comes after hundreds of tries.keep trying . Win one day Inshallah. Good luck neighbour
From Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇮🇳

Author — Sazzad hossen


Pakistan here would like to congratulate for such an attempt failures are stair to success on top i hope communication get restored with the lander weldone India and pls don't treat those scientists like cricket players after a match this is science at the highest

Author — Shahzad Aslam


" Scientists "are gem 💎 of our nation 🇮🇳....their hard work and dedication inspires us in every step of our life..

Author — Dr. S R


I think India should be proud of it's space agency irrespective of the lander's status.

Author — ninja ninja


@Isro u ll feel disappointed... n its perfectly understood. Its years of hardwork. But do remember that U guys are our Rockstars!! We will always love u, salute u. Proud of Isro always.

Author — Khushboo Goel


Great job we salute the scientists for the afford

Author — syamala appaji


Atleast we tried and did our best. Proud of our scientific community.

Author — Shadan Javed


*We will never give up !! Even though we may lost at 2.13Km, we will analyze where it went wrong and next time we will make it through stronger. Much Respect to the Scientists for all their efforts* #ISRO, #India

Author — 1 Sub With Videos


Space missions are quite complex, we are proud of all our scientists and have full faith in their abilities.
We can check what went wrong and build another one.

Author — H S


ISRO will come back stronger🙏we're very proud

Author — Dharna Sahu