Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling Donbass militia positions | Spring of 2019

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Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling Donbass militia positions | Spring of 2019 4
“War Diary” project | Donbass region | Spring of 2019

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Bright red cars 🚗, , most be the latest in modern camouflage

Author — allen plante


Looks like that food truck is the safest place in eastern Ukraine lol

Author — Learned Hand


This aint your great grandpapi's war. Imagine bein in those trenches spied on by drones. Horrible.

Author — Combat Bananas


Imagine this kind of reporting from war fronts in WW1 & WW2.

Author — Nandi Collector


Porky MUST be held responsible for all blood shed THERE.

Author — B M


I guess violations of Minsk2 are only bad if the separatists do it.

Author — Blackbeard


Those red cars ( must be Communist ) sure did look aggressive, no doubt they were about to launch their heavy artillery in support of the evil occupants against the peace loving right sector.
Thankfully the heros of the UAF were there to stop yet another act of aggression committed by Russian backed cars!

Author — Steve Arthur


Thanks for the UPLOAD RU:) Much love from me and my Kitties :)

Author — Ste Shar


Imagine picking a target out in the open and then being so inaccurate you manage to get three perfect hits on a trench line.

Author — Ben Bevan


thanks to turkish military tecnology ukraine will win the war...

Author — commander


Zelensky will be inaugurated tomorrow, says he wants to negotiate with Putin/Russia. Hopefully end of the war in Donbass will come soon, now that Poroshenko will be gone.

Author — Reginald S


Great to see the Ukrainians aren't shelling civilians for a change. Oh hang on, aren't these civilians that have taken up arms to fight NATO expansionism?

Author — Anthony Baiocchi


The only drones that can be used there as per the deal - OSCE. Using drones for artillery fire correction = confessing in breaking the deal. No need to listen to the separatists and say - they lie. The army of Ukraine tells itself how good they are in keeping the word given. This war will not stop unfortunately and Zelensky will not be able to do anything. After such a video, the people of Donbas make one more step away from Ukraine. I see nothing to be glad about. Sad for Ukraine and the people of Ukraine.

Author — Калинин Юрий


! Those are immovable targets in the open ! And wasted so much ammo !

Author — Trump Putin


Don't cry later when you start receiving krasnopols in response.

Author — Dope Fiend


This is NATO shooting and training. they getting better at hitting targets.

Author — latortuga123


This proves that small compact drones are the future for recon and tools for target designation. The ability to call in a fire mission with that level of precision is extremely valuable.

Author — Mr. Tactical


So savage that exlosion near the truck.. U can see the coolant leaking out and the cab windshield destroyed. So accurate and drone recon so its so lifelike

Author — Ununius


This war lasts too much, even both WW 's finished in 4 years. Ordinary people dies, politicians remains safe.

Author — My Profile


I am waiting. for the pay back God willing

Author — Totzkie Hadji