UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy - All Cutscenes with Sam Drake

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UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy - All Cutscenes with Sam Drake 5

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I came here cuz I needed more of Sam. I just LOVE that charming bastard

Author — Azzuky


As much as I like Sam and Chloe (and as much as Nadine has won me over)...I miss Nate. Uncharted isn't the same without its signature Nathan Drake.

Author — ATK1734


Sam and Sully is what we actually need

Author — Ileamar Ferrer


Sam is basically what happens when you combine Nathan and Sully into one person, kinda.

Author — Vegetarian Soylent Green


God I love Sam. He's just as charming and funny as Nate, but in the same way that Nate has a fatal flaw in his heroism, Sam's is his greed. and that humanizes him, to the point where the character feels real. I swear, Uncharted's characters and their development is so underrated

Author — Nightgazer57


I really want an Sam Uncharted spinoff game. Soooo bad!

Author — Cody Mavick


Sam: she’s got balls huh
Asav: I don’t understand
Sam: It’s an idiom

I don’t know why I laughed so hard on that one

Author — itsurmombruh



Orca: "You two. Partners? (Laughter) Either you have a piss poor memory, or you're even more desperate than I thought"
Samuel: "Jeez, I'm just getting it from all sides today, aren't I?"

Author — Clark Kent


They should definitely make more parts with this trio! I'd love to see Nadine's enmity toward Sam gradually turn into friendship.

Author — antred11


Naughty Dog is incredible at making you fall in love with their characters. As much as I love Nate, I think 4 was a perfect send off for him. If we ever do get another Uncharted, I wouldn't mind them focusing on Sully and Sam, Chloe and Nadine, or any other combination of that grouping; heck, maybe throw in Cutter too. Lost Legacy shows they can do it well.

Author — Chaos Knight


"She's got balls."
"I don't understand..."
"Its an idiom."

Author — Scarn, Michael Scarn


Still waiting for a Sam and Sullivan game we really need one

Author — ATOMIC


3:48 someone actually said “bike racks after school” to me before🤣

Author — Emile a239


You finally seeing them eating something lol

Author — rando


the only reason i liked this game was because of Sam

Author — Oo Oo


Sam and Nadine would make a good couple

Author — Tony The Creator


chloe: 'thats because ganesh allowed himself to be hit by the axe.' -top ten best anime reveals

Author — Fifia14


I'm so in love with that Charming bastard Sam

Author — Jessica Peñaloza


I never realized Chloe was Indian until the lost legacy lol

Author — Its Port


The banter between these 3 is golden....they have to make another game.

Author — Michael Johnson