Are We Headed for War with Iran?

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President Trump says he does not want a major war in the Middle East. But many allies and observers worry that hardlinders in the US and Iran are on a collision course toward conflict. The US exit from the Iran deal and the “maximum pressure” campaign have escalated tensions between Washington and Tehran in recent months. Iran has called the announced deployment of US troops to the region “a very dangerous game,” and the alleged involvement of Iran in the oil tanker attacks last week only exacerbate fears of a military clash, whether by design, by miscalculation, or by accident. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg is joined by William Burns, a career diplomat who served five US presidents and led the secret bilateral negotiations, that resulted in the Iran Deal.

Featuring: Jeffrey Goldberg, William Burns

This conversation was recorded during the 2019 Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado. The week-long event is presented by the Aspen Institute in partnership with The Atlantic. Prominent leaders and thinkers across business, politics, media, culture, science, and more participate in hundreds of panels, interviews, presentations, and screenings.

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What are malign activities of Iran on the region against US interests?. What about the US malign interests against Iran and its interest in the region?. Americans always think they are the centre of the world.

Author — Remi Sofola


USA is in no position for any kind of negotiation with the Iranians with the kind of history it has with the country. Trust is the essential ingredient to any meaningful negotiation, which is totally lacking here.

Author — Kurian Mathew


PERSIAN Gulf, everyone knows this specially the Americans!!

Author — Forays


Countries are waking up and standing to evil empires

Author — Bahman Borzou


22:30" 'Threatens our interest'!!! WTF are you doing in the middle east anyway. This area belongs to us, always has and always will. We don't mind Arabs, Jews, Turks or whoever else native from around here being here as long as they do what we tell them. Get back to your own patch and carry on with building your walls.

Author — Fop Peace


There is no such thing as a limited strike.

It's called WAR.

Author — Sam Ali


US is in cold war with Iran for 40 years and 10years American imposed Iraq war.

Author — Patrick Danaee


Ok then, if you insist to call Persian Gulf anything but that then from today on, I'll call Saudi Arabia Hijaz. Done

Author — Tee Vee


The west doesn’t seem to mind another war ! C u n t s

Author — Worth the Watch


First few minutes with Goldberg sounds like a Pro Israel speech to justify bombing Iran

Author — John B


arabian gulf?

Where is that.
Didn't you study geography.

Author — Tohid Noraein


NO. Because we are done with our corrupt government.

Author — Debra Perez


What special relationship with Saudi selling weapons to kill civilians in Yemen

Author — Mohamed Omar


If there is any war, I expect the sons of congressman and senators to attend this phoney war NOT INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS

Author — Alex Bratson


Demons need allies
Truth stand Alone

Author — Artaban Aida


Goldberg is mr 'Uhhm and ahhhm". On this level, learn hoelw to speak without unneccessary fillers.

Author — Ung Grabb


You are not a professional diplomat. You are a spy!

Author — Darius Sarrafi


The states: 5% of the world population trying to bully and threaten the other 95%. Let that sink in. And of course never forget their version of the truth.

Author — Maria Damen


Long live iran
Long live Khomeini
Long live khameini
Love U iran from India....

Author — Mohammad Nauroz


Let's start the attack by putting all the politicians in Washington DC in a 747 and let them fly over Iran!

Author — abukamoon