My 1st Train Journey After Lockdown | Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Express Covid 19 Special 🇮🇳

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My 1st Train Journey After Lockdown | Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Express Covid 19 Special 🇮🇳 4.5

Super Exciting yet very risky Train Vlog, but by the grace of God, I'm fine till the video has uploaded. Many of my subscribers wanted me to travel towards beautiful South India, so for the first time amidst Corona aka Covid-19 crisis, I took 02701 Hussain Sagar Express to Hyderabad. Unlike the regular train journey, this experience is totally different. Every time somebody moves, it becomes alarming, you feel that you are consciously trapped. The entire system has changed, you have to follow many things including social distancing...
I'm hoping that this train vlog will help you to plan a train journey.
Is it safe to travel in Train with Family?
You have to watch this vlog to find this answer.

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On your humble request and repetitive queries and worries on train travel during lockdown period, forced my will to get all the informations for you as well as me myself. Since there have been many rumours and news otherwise. But after travelling the real pictures came in light to me. I shared my experience like any other passenger travels without any help. It is not easy to travel in risk of getting infected, but can’t help it though.
Indian railways have tried their level best in keeping social distancing measures, now it’s our turn because there is limit at commute of trains capacity.
My experience and my if and but are shown in this vlog and have tried to answer all the questions which came to me in community post, emails, Instagram, in fact few more which came to my mind.
Stay safe and maintain social distancing. But more importantly stay healthy only that can save you from this pandemic.

Author — Xtreme Roads


Excellent Initiative Taken By Railways!! Hats Off.... Your Vlog Will Definitely Be An Enlightening Experience For Those Sitting At Home And Criticising Indian Railways!!

Author — Akash


Xtreme Roads Mind blowing you Tube channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Rahul Raj


वीडियो के लिए तरस गये थे आज finaly वीडियो आगया thanks mam
Take care mam

Author — Aryan Ambare


Great vlog Mam....Pls be safe...Hyderabad is near 200 km away from my city 🙁i wish u meet with u if there is no lockdown then i will definetly come to hyderabad to meet u...btw thanks for your efforts to make this video

Author — Narender Singh


Very risky very crazy journey but only thing very very ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤beautiful nice journey

Author — Pooja Meena


Hey, I was there in train with you..just next to your seat number....

Author — sagar panthagani


Madam, u have uploaded the some parts in ur blog with a speed of 1.25/1.50 x speed😂🤩🙏...

Author — Nikhil Chandra


This is one of the super fast express train in this route and skips major stations like daund junction, thane, lingampalli and dadar central

Author — Ksm 2002


Mam i watch ur blogs regularly...but i personally think ki agar apka kuch important kaam hai to hi travel kare...

Author — ruchir Dharmadhikari


Mam one more question plzz .They will be here around 4:30 in the morning so taxis are available or not outside the station ??

Author — Cooking with Zee


Thank you so much madam support you Indian Army

Author — Satendra Chaudhry


Mam a great love, respect and thanks for your effort .

Author — Harpreet Randhawa


I want the Xtreme roads logo tshirt mam. Plz. Big fan

Author — Abhishek Goswami


I know about Pune bcoz I'm From Pune and katraj ke zoo ke bare me apne mention kiya h

Author — Dheeraj Singh Rajput


Mam do journey in pune miraj hubbali yeswantpur line cr to swr a beautifull nature in between that station



Oh my favourite one is here The Xtreme Roads. Happy to see you. Pls take care and stay safe.

Author — Manoj Mallick


Good information about Hussain sagar express Hussain Shaw wali Darga at Gachibowli Road Hussain Sagar Buld Hussain shawali R thank you sister

Author — Majid Syed


Thank for your risk, loved your content Ma'am, stay safe stay helathy 🙏👍

Author — Brijesh Arjule


never saw cst station so empty ...and one req madam kindly wear hand gloves too for better safety :)

Author — rohit joshi