Ali-A - SOLO vs SQUADS - *NEW* MODE in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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Fortnite: Battle Royale - SOLO vs SQUADS - Can we hit 50,000 Likes? :O
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MORE Solo vs Squads in a brand NEW mode! 😄

Can we hit 50, 000 Likes? ENJOY! 🙌🏻💙

Author — Ali-A


Makes a video about how much better bursts are than auto ar’s three videos later takes a blue auto over a epic burst...

Author — Evan Chamberlin


Bring back the old intro it got you more views that way

Author — Soapychip 101


Whah!!! this is by far one of my favorite season 5 gameplays...Thanks for the action Ali

Author — Willim Mos


I see you Ali, dominating in every gamemode🔥

Author — launch


Good luck Ali-A ur such a wonderful player I hoped u go far in ur life❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂😊

Author — Fahmda Noobxd


You should wait for the 100% accuracies when you spray enemies 😜

Author — Wardyy Ix


I’m glad he’s still in business given that he’s not the best player👍

Author — Jsteezy


Remember two videos ago when he said he'd pick up the grey burst over a blue AR, yeah that lasted long

Author — Ridge Albright


I dont blame you for doing Solo Squads for the new Every time I do Random Squads I get 3 bots put in my lobby, so solo squads is better because atleast they dont take my loot XD lol I got a really good gameplay myself doing the mode solo. I didnt win, but I got toop 15 with 16 kills so Im saving it <3 haha (EDIT: 11:32 lmfao BUSH CAMPER FTW <3 hahahahaha)

Author — SuperDan


I wish they make minis infinite pick up because I literally find minis every where I go.. I kinda would like epic games to make them infinite tbh

Author — Tisha


Thanks for keeping me updated with new leaks skins and more

Author — YoBoiChris


the beginning is hacks Adams soon as he aimed locked on to the enemy

Author — Jamie Brook


I did solo squad on this mode for 13 kills 😀

Author — Its Holdz


Damn literally after i watched his Dual shot shotgun vid this one came out... Im blessed!

Author — Jacob Lehr


I dont know why people make fun of you, you are a great and energetic player... i love your videos

Author — Jada Barends


If I ran 17 ping on EU servers I could do that too lmao

Author — Daniel Schwartzman


I didn’t no that their could be a whole bot LTM lobby

Author — Jghnny Carbon


anyone else watch alia before he turned into a meme

Author — Ben Rupert


he left the chug at 58 shield and just dropped it without drinking it.
love your vids!!!

Author — Shanin Drucquer