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Artificial intelligence & algorithms: pros & cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary) 5

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are leading to fundamental changes in the way we live. Algorithms can already detect Parkinson's disease and cancer, and control both cars and aircraft. How will AI change our society in the future?

This documentary journeys to the hot spots of AI research in Europe, the USA and China, and looks at the revolutionary developments which are currently taking place. The rapid growth of AI offers many opportunities, but also many dangers. AI can be used to create sound and video recordings which will make it more and more difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. It will make the world of work more efficient and many professions superfluous. Algorithms can decide whether to grant loans, who is an insurance risk, and how good employees are. But there is a huge problem: humans can no longer comprehend how algorithms arrive at their decisions. And another big problem is AI’s capacity for widespread surveillance. The Chinese city of Rongcheng is already using an AI-supported 'social credit system' to monitor and assess its citizens. Does AI pose a danger to our personal freedoms or democracy? Which decisions can we leave to the algorithms - and which do we want to? And what are AI’s social implications?

A documentary by Tilman Wolff und Ranga Yogeshwar


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I need a self-repairing car not a self-driving car.

Author — James Gilliam


I came here to watch ads, unfortunately this documentary keeps interrupting it.

Author — Raptor 911


What an irony, the icon of western freedom - tech giants like Google and Facebook forbid the reporters from even entering, while the center of surveillance system in China, often caricatured negatively by the west, welcomed the reporters and showed them how they work.

Author — Daniel TTY


"My first ever cup of coffee served by a robot"

So he never used the coffee machines before?

Author — Друг Приятель


his first cup of coffe served by a robot is technically not right... a normal coffemachine is a robot too...

Author — DRC 85


Its not just china, I went to work in Kitchen they had cameras everywhere, every kitchen in the west has cameras they are not only ones who want to keep tabs on their employees

Author — Peter Warren


All these companies data mine and sell your documentary the great hack was about facebook, Cambridge analytical, elections.

Author — Night Storm


Instead of asking millions of people to answer "A" or "B" -- ask them for creative ideas for "C". For example, a "C" could be hit asymmetrically on the breaks to turn the car around, and hit the barrier in reversed form, allowing the passengers be protected by their seats, or some other "C".

Author — Mindey


"The day we can no longer flip a switch to turn off these complicated systems, will be the day humanity becomes no more then an obsolete problem"



Biological evolution itself is basically a self-diversifying algorithm for metabolism and behavior, so yes, algorithms definitely rule as far as life is concerned. If we can quickly replicate the process digitally and produce the final product(s) physically, we could theoretically produce artificial intelligence pretty easily. _But_ if we were to successfully do that, the problem would be that, however artificial it may be, it _is_ in fact intelligence and thus must be respected as such, meaning we can't simply put it to work for us however we please if it shows consciousness similar to our own. A non-conscious machine with specific intelligence (specified applications) that can perfectly mimic human intellectual outputs would be the better way to go, since there is ultimately no practical purpose in creating new conscious life forms just to say that we can. It would require a read-only mechanism to selectively convert the results of an artificial cognitive process (more predictive than creative) to mechanical actions. This could certainly shorten the processing time from hypothesis to invention by outsourcing basic intermediate human cognitive functions that tend to be highly inefficient compared to the level of complexity of the desired outcome. We wouldn't need a complete human-like artificial consciousness to do that. Tailoring and applying where needed should be plenty.

Author — Bomi B


In fact the central location that the grid is controlled by could being off-planet UFO.

Author — Mike Smith


the headquarters of Google and Facebook seem to be as secretive as Area 51

Author — r stairs


Am I being watched? I am going to reset my phone to factory settings. Fill out the set-up forms, etc. Then I am going to leave the phone in a drawer, and only pull it out to say "sex!" and closely related to references. And put it back. After a week I am going to pull it out and start using YouTube to see what comes up. I will also do the experiment all over again but this time leave YouTube on all the time. Again to look for YouTube's behavior.

Author — David Brown


if algorithms rule why can't YOUTUBE recommend any good videos?

Author — Jason Wratislaw


Lol, I love how the Chinese were more forthcoming than Google...

Author — szymborska


Unfortunately most technology is 1st militarized then commercialized and that is the problem. The more advanced the more dangerous when in the wrong hands...weapon company crazies

Author — aquaponics


33:30 blonde german girls driving AUDI. Better switch to TESLA.

Author — Date Masamune


Dont get me wrong, I like DW's docs, however, youtube used to be for smaller content makers, and monetarily, allow the BIGGER media outlets to take revenue from these smaller peeps by allowing totally unnecessary ads every 5 mins. Its ridiculous. Youtube needs to help out small quality doco makers, not cater to the bigwigs of medialand.

Author — EdwardiganZ


It's a brave new world. We must recognize and understand with every invention and new technology there will always be with positive and negative consequences. Finding the balance in this AI technologies will be difficult and only prove to be an illusion in the future.

Author — alexleanh


You should not be afraid of an AI, you should be afraid of people, who abuse it. It's not an AI that kills people, it's people.

Author — Shell Young