Gaui X5 3D Heli - Team Pilot Alvin Chai

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Pretty windy but it doesn't seem to stop heli pilots from having fun. Alvin takes his Gaui X5 out for a spin. Sorry about the wind noise in the video but to eliminate it would have been to get rid of the Heli noise too.

Gaui X5 Build List:

Gaui X5 stock blades and esc
Scorpion 4020-910
Skookum SK720
MKS DS670 & BLS990 Servos
Western Robotics Hercules Super Mini G2

This will be one of several videos we'll shoot with Alvin's Gaui X2, X5 and X7. To tell the videos apart, I'll be giving each video a flight number so you'll see an F#1, F#2, etc along with the model number at the beginning.

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Ha! I fly my ultra micro E-Flite 3D planes in wind like that. XD no, I'm serious. XD

Author — TRAXXAS6606


nice, was wondering when u were going to put this vid up nice flying alvin

Author — J Kachur