Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise

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Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise 5

So, I figured since I make a lot of content that is negative about film, I had an idea to try and create a sister series to my Unbridled Rages.

The idea is to try and praise the film for the things I thought were great while leaving the flaws out of the analysis, basically the complete inverse of what you often see on the channel.

I will pick this back up with other films if you guys enjoy it, I really tried to nail the editing and the script though I wanted to get it out quick to cover the topic.

Marvel really did pull something amazing off here, a flawed series but an unprecedented one none the less.

Let me know how you feel about the video o/

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Of all the characters, Drax has the greatest arc in the movie.
In the beginning, he fails to turn invisible. But by the end, he completely disappears.

Author — SupportE;R


Disney had writers and directors of this caliber yet didn’t utilize them for Star Wars.
That’s just silly.

Author — Troa Barton


It's so hard watching Pepper Potts and realizing that after Tony's passing she goes crazy and uses her inheritance to start a pseudoscience company for women to rub crystals and vag candles on themselves.

Author — Nathan Lobono


When red skull shows up on vormir. Thanos steps in front of gamora and shields her ready to fight. just figured id throw that out there.

Author — Edo Minato


Thor: “I need to go to Nevrderlier”
Drax: “That’s a made up word.”
Thor: “All words are made up.”

Me: 😮🤭

Author — Bitter Betty.


Who’s still waiting for mauler to cover end game?

Author — Baily Sawyer


"They understand the characters they are tasked to write for, but most importantly they respect them *images of Luke drinking green alien tiddy milk*.... "
Yup, wish there'd be as much dedication in the Sequels..

Author — Doomed ToKnow


"This guy is from space, he is here to steal a necklace from a wizard."
That pretty much sums up every reason why I love the MCU. They just do not care how absurd it sounds, they go all-in.

Author — AkuTenshiiZero


If there's one thing I despise in stories, it's not honoring the material that came before it. Star Wars, Jurassic Park...but this. This is why Marvel succeeds. This is why Infinity War is amazing to comic readers and non-readers alike.

They honour their material. They honour their characters. And they use it to write a great story.

Author — Joshaqy


"Dude your embarrassing me in front of the wizard's"

Arguably the best line in mcu history

Author — Michael Reay


Tony: "You know ME?"

Thanos: "I do... you're not the ONLY one cursed with knowledge."

This was a BIG MANO A MANO moment you won't realize until Endgame. Thanos knew in the shadow of his Soul, Iron Man would bring him to ruin just as Tony knew Thanos would end him.

Author — Dominic Omegon


"I can't wait to cover the sequel."

*two years later*

Bruh u busy?

Author — potitishogun2961997


The complete contrast with Disney Star Wars, revealed heavily in your editing, is that Infinity wars has *absolute* respect and integration with the lore and world building that came before it. It really is the true spiritual capstone to the entire MCU (up to this point) *without* taking any cheap shortcuts or retcons. It doesn't just avoid retcons, it doesn't just recall minor details from the former movies, but even amplifies their meaning and significance. It's sincere, authentic, and beautiful.

Author — Andrew Brown


"Back at the donut we see that Doctor Strange is being tortured by Squidward"
Sentence of the Millenium

Author — wesley n


This movie, and End Game, prove that Tony is the protagonist of the MCU.
Steve is my favorite character, Thor has been transformed from a fairly thin but sometimes neat character to a deep, well thought out character.
But all of that pales to Tony and his journey.

Author — Merc at Arms


“I can’t wait to talk about the sequel”


Author — JazzyJooosh


We need more unbridled praises. Sadly not much to praise these days...

Author — Gloryseeking Spaceman


This is First the MCU entry that convinced me that the MCU series actually had real stakes. The characters are finally forced deal with irreversible consequences and that The Avengers really were complex people, or at least much more fleshed out human beings than they had bedn in all the previous entries. I truly loved the entire film, especially that tragic ending and when Endgame was released I was emotionally invested in seeing the remaining heroes kill the ever-loving shit out of Thanos. I love Endgame nearly as much as Infinity War. Endgame is definitely a brilliantly constructed story of Good V Evil but Infinity War had a darker tone which I felt more emotionally invested in.

Author — bkmustaciola


He decided to praise the movie instead of criticizing it so that his channel would be perfectly balanced.

Author — Joseph Noonan


“I can’t wait to review the sequel”


Author — shlong donger