Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise

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Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise 5
So, I figured since I make a lot of content that is negative about film, I had an idea to try and create a sister series to my Unbridled Rages.

The idea is to try and praise the film for the things I thought were great while leaving the flaws out of the analysis, basically the complete inverse of what you often see on the channel.

I will pick this back up with other films if you guys enjoy it, I really tried to nail the editing and the script though I wanted to get it out quick to cover the topic.

Marvel really did pull something amazing off here, a flawed series but an unprecedented one none the less.

Let me know how you feel about the video o/

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Of all the characters, Drax has the greatest arc in the movie.
In the beginning, he fails to turn invisible. But by the end, he completely disappears.

Author — SupportE;R


Disney had writers and directors of this caliber yet didn’t utilize them for Star Wars.
That’s just silly.

Author — Troa Barton


Crazy that Rhodey, War machine, has more character and growth than captain marvel and she has a movie

Author — Jonathan Paterno


Peter's death is even more tragic when you remember that he's spiderman. no-one knew that death was coming, except him. his spidey sense would have warned him. a siren blarring "death incoming, no way to avoid."
his spidey sense usually tells him whats coming, how bad it is, and forcibly triggers reflexes to avoid it. well, "you are going to disappear from nowhere, i literally can't save you" sure makes "i don't feel so good" understatement of the century.

Author — Sitruk86


"Back at the donut we see that Doctor Strange is being tortured by Squidward"
Sentence of the Millenium

Author — wesley n


If there's one thing I despise in stories, it's not honoring the material that came before it. Star Wars, Jurassic Park...but this. This is why Marvel succeeds. This is why Infinity War is amazing to comic readers and non-readers alike.

They honour their material. They honour their characters. And they use it to write a great story.

Author — Joshaqy


Mauler: uses footage from multiple marvel movies
Anyone else: uses 2 seconds of background music and gets copyrighted
TheFatRat: gets his own song copyrighted

Author — Nezha Prime


I just realized that thanos sparing quill ended up helping thanos lol



Drax: "He is not a dude. You're a dude. This? This is a man. A handsome,  muscular man." Hee! Hee! Hee!  best line in the movie

Author — Cobra Action1


Nebula "You were the one who always wanted to win, and I just wanted a sister"

How did I miss this?

Author — ExMachina70


His people are completely literal!

*W H Y I S G A M O R A*

Author — potitishogun2961997


"Dude your embarrassing me in front of the wizard's"

Arguably the best line in mcu history

Author — Michael Reay


He decided to praise the movie instead of criticizing it so that his channel would be perfectly balanced.

Author — Joseph Noonan


Captain Marvel Actor: I'm the strongest avenger
Thor Actor: Hold my beer
Still Thor Actor: *Cuts through a beam from a completed infinity gauntlet*

Author — Alec Mackintosh


Now do Endgame, because it was fun but nothing like Infinity War.

Author — tadsgirl


What I really loved about this movie is how powerful the Black Order was portrayed. They weren’t just some named enemies that the heroes take out with ease before the big fight. They were actually dangerous, like mini bosses in a way, with each member taking multiple heroes fighting them at once to take each out. It really showed how out of their depth the heroes were the entire movie.

Author — Davis B.


The complete contrast with Disney Star Wars, revealed heavily in your editing, is that Infinity wars has *absolute* respect and integration with the lore and world building that came before it. It really is the true spiritual capstone to the entire MCU (up to this point) *without* taking any cheap shortcuts or retcons. It doesn't just avoid retcons, it doesn't just recall minor details from the former movies, but even amplifies their meaning and significance. It's sincere, authentic, and beautiful.

Author — Andrew Brown


This movie should have been a shitshow, but it was brilliant. The Last Jedi should have been brilliant, but it was a shitshow. Subverted my expectations.

Author — MiniatureMasterClass


When red skull shows up on vormir. Thanos steps in front of gamora and shields her ready to fight. just figured id throw that out there.

Author — Edo Minato


“I can’t wait to talk about the sequel”


Author — TEMPEST