Eldoret Reisidents on arrest of CS Rotich: Our tribe is known as 'Tribe of The Poor'

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Eldoret Reisidents on arrest of CS Rotich: Our tribe is known as 'Tribe of The Poor' 4.5
KVDA acting MD Francis Kipkech and tender committee members arrested over Arror, Kimwarer dams scam in Eldoret.

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If Kenyan vote on tribal basis as a country failure will be our cup of tea sai anayelia sana ni wanjiku let this be an eye opener to all voters

Author — leah ndinda


A step in the right direction, all corrupt officials should carry their own cross, Kenyans are hard working people & their sweat should never go down the drain.

Author — chege nyingi


Stop crying Tribalism...Let thiefs carry their loads to jail!

Author — Market Merchandise


Over 55 years record of no conviction of corruption in history . Until one is convicted THIS regime will be a failure infact the worst in Kenyan history

Author — Mustafa Ali


Nkt...this is not what i wanted to hear...wasted my time.

Author — Naumy Serem


Nonsense I can't west my data watching this

Author — Lucy Oyiela


We do not need prime minister. Give jobs to youths. Period

Author — Anne Atuya


Mtu wetu syndrome in Kenya. They are targeting my community and my people. Blah blah blah

Author — Sharon Dobre


A New Dawn For 🇰🇪... We support the Pungua Mzigo Referendum & we need to see Rotich, Thugge, & all the Crooks in Kamiti. Change is Coming 👍🏽👌🏽

Author — Oscar


i will only celebrate coviction of rotich not this alegations and presecution ava kunguru

Author — Am Mbuthia


Watu wa media ya Kenya wanajua kuchocha tu...kwa watu wakiiba wanaiibanga kabila lao

Author — DJ ATM


We will not rellent on the fight against corruption weather you like or not

Author — Duncan Iwoun


Imechelewa leta hio Katiba tutapitisha kabla Hawa wakora hawajaamka

Author — Mankind Health & Beauty Hub


Even if you remain with one leader coz of corruption still bado mzigo, Kenya is a rich country corruption is the problem

Author — Ayub Sikoyo


Never carry that brief case of barget again 👉Kama ni ma youth wangelikuwa wanaozea cell na kupigwa teargass, , , wazee waende cell a good example to the coming generation not theft, , , that's is a lot of money rudisha, , ,

Author — Mildred JAEL


That dark lady is the odd one out...talking nonsense

Author — John Awalla


If I were an mp, I would come up with a bill that stops anyone from politicizing matters corruption, stop anyone from discussing it and lastly bar any lawyer who holds an elective position from representing corruption suspects. They are the ones who brain wash the public with the notion, 'our tribe is targeted'.

Author — Paul Njongoro


Kenya Your Hour has come.. The giants are falling at the hand of David and a stone... let us support the little David....

Author — 7th Estate


if anybody, big or small fish is needed for scrutiny, lets allow our system to take its due course without rushing to associate our tribe. every public servant individual should reflect the face of kenya not only the community he/she came from.

Author — Joe Blue


Useless waste of time and useless words. Nothing will happen.!!!! Kenyans are always fooled around like sheep. All they do is to yap yap in social media while they are are all tribalists. They make their decisions according to their tribes.

Author — Bjay