💰🌜⭐Attract Money While You Sleep💰🌜⭐Atraer Dinero Mientras Duermes🌄ASMR - Ambient Night

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💰🌜⭐Attract Money While You Sleep💰🌜⭐Atraer Dinero Mientras Duermes🌄ASMR - Ambient Night 5

💰🌜⭐Attract Money While You Sleep
💰🌜⭐Atraer Dinero Mientras Duermes
🌄ASMR - Ambient Night

👍Restore your mental biorhythm
👍Attain deep restful quality sleep
👍ASMR - night ambience
👍Activate your subconscious to attract money and wealth

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✨Listen while you sleep and meditate (Daily)

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I listened to this last night on 8.19.20 and I felt anxious and weird throughout the day and had no clue of the reason. But the last 8 days I haven’t been feeling well or happy. I removed myself out from the environment and I received news of a new job opportunity to start in September. I just want to say to anyone reading. Abundance is coming for all of us. Believe and pray. Small miracles can happen. Believe and meditate. No distractions. Not everything is cold cash. It can be a blessing of a phone call of a opportunity. I definitely here again to listen while I sleep. Thank you we all have success coming our way.

Author — restore renu


I am millioner.
I am billionaire.
I am the money magnet.
I am the create of money.
I am the universe.
I am the World King .
I am the Rocķstar of the world.
I am abundance.
I am wealthy.
I am healthy.
Money flowing to me easily every day.
My wallet always fully.
I save money.
I invest money.
I make business to make more money.
I make skills to make more money.
I love money and money love me every day.

Author — Thembinkosi Soga


As I listen tonight I will wake up with a miracle millions into my bank account

Author — carina benjamin


I am money magnet. Money comes to me quickly and easily💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

Author — Mirasol Bondoc


Dear Universe bless everyone that is reading this. Fill them with nothing but positive energy and love.

Author — Zacchaeus Copeland


Dear universe please remove all the negative energy within me give me a clear mind a strong body and heart for
These past few years I have not been myself the willpower to accomplish my goals in life as reduced tremendously iam finding means and ways to get myself back on track but nothing seems to help boost me up oh Dear universe, please help others who are also in my shoes help the good and innocent they deserve to be happy, healthy and in peace thank God amen



I've only been listening to this for three days. Yet I've also been listening to many of positive relaxing music's as well. For every positive things we think about and say positive blessings are sure to come our way. As for if we allow just one negative thing pass through our thoughts and mouth it can prolong our blessings till we make amends to both ourselves and to those we've done wrong to. May we all who are listening in to all sorts of positive relaxing music's be blessed and filled with joy and happiness daily. Love, light and peace. Blessed be.

Author — White Buffalo Wolf


Father, I'm asking for a miracle in my financial situation. I only have today, because tomorrow I must pay all of my loans. Father, I'm not asking for a lot, but all I'm asking for is just to have enough to go on with. Lord you know my situation more than any one else, I leave all of this in your hands. Please, father help me with a r10 000, that's all I'm asking for . May i receive it in the Holy name of Jesus Christ.

Author — Audriana Bob



Author — Arlene Tibayan


I receive money on my account from unknown source in the name of God

Author — Nsk Nsk


Been listening to this for weeks now and it really works everytime! I hope everyone listening to this when sleeping also have the same effect with mine! Money comes to me abundantly with no problem! Thank you for this! I am getting a good night sleep and waking up with so much blessings! I

Author — Cooking Ina Nyoh!


I have contacted my mind with money I am Rich, I am millionaire.

Author — godfrey Siata


I am a money magnet money comes to me effortlessly, thanks I will wakeup a rich person tomorrow. I have so much hope.

Author — Rabecca Mwale


We all need money, should the Universe open the windows of Heaven to Bless all in need, THANK YOU.

Author — Vincent Miller


Money and blessing flow me and my family in Jesus name

Author — Nassanga Adrine


I'm so HAPPY and grateful large sums of money come to me easily and quickly. AMEN

Author — Josie Salcido


Lord thank you for the blessing my good news and money is coming.🙏 Jesus i trust in you. Amen🙏

Author — Erlinda Vitalis


I want to open old age home ., ...I know that people are suffering alot
My childhood dream 🙏money loves me .tq universe I wish you all the best all tq



Yes' money come to me in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyments... wherever I go, I am attracting money, , over and over and over Thank you Jesus!!!! For keeping us safe and protection., , amen....

Author — Belinda Penero


When I'm start listening this every night, I'm having many sale everyday.. thank you GOD 🙏

Author — Aana Razi