Right way to grow curry leaf plant from cuttings in November/December (with updates)

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In this video I will teach you how to grow curry leaf plant from cuttings.

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Really big like and thx for showing in detail

Author — cook with manisha


Nicely explained. Clarified quite a few pointers. Shall plant my cuttings this monsoon and share the results :)

Author — Rahul Bakshi


Your gardening experience is so admirable
THANKYOU for making this video 😊

Author — Pritam Kumar


Thanks for your instructions, very nicely done. I am in southern California, do I cover the cuttings with plastic?water when dry pot? I have three air layering going for this plant as well.

Author — Rahul Thacker


In the initial part where only the stem is kept in the pot, should we water the pot as and when it gets dried or is there a specific interval for watering?

Author — Ramraj V


I don't understand how someone could possibly dislike this video.This is the only video on you tube that has shown result of curry leaves plant grown from cutting.
This deserves way more views.
Awesome job container gardening.
New subscriber!

Author — Rakshita Malhotra


Hi, I've planted a curry leaf plant stem on 12th April (a month back) and I believe it has successfully rooted and thus showing signs of fresh growth. Although, I'm noticing that along side the 1 leaves stem, there is also a growth of what looks like baby seed pods. I need to understand, if it's safe to cut off the seed pod stem to enhance plant leaves growth or it''s ok to leave it as it is and it won''t affect the general plant growth. P.S. I think the stem should''ve grown more leaves in a month 🙄

Author — iShwaR ShaRma


Excellent, the fact shared that it doesn't give desired result in water is most welcome, that's how you share your untired experiences with others.Keep it on.

Author — Atul Namdev


Excellent video. I followed the instructions exactly and after 3 weeks I noticed the leaves growing. I was almost giving up hope till I noticed the tiny growth! How awesome! Thank you very much for the step by step instructions and captions too.

Author — Regina D'SOUZA


Hello, my curry leaf plant has grown well. The leaves are all growing on the top and the main stem is not that thick. As a result of the leaves growing on the top the plant is bending and I am afraid it might break. What can I do to keep the plant straight and prevent it from breaking?

Author — Sanghati1


Very well explained, thank you so much for sharing this helpful video 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌🌹

Author — Sheetal Gidhwani


Hi..very informative session.
It was a perfect guide for planting cuttings.
I actually tried 1 cutting in water, and it sprouted leaves already.
1. Should I plant it now in soil or should I wait further?
Also I planted 2-3 cuttings together in 1 pot and they also have sprouted.

2. How long should I wait to put them in sun.
3. And should I take each one out and plant individually now or leave them as they are right now?
Kindly answer

Author — Sarbjot Bahri


You guys motivates me for gardening n gives alot Info God bless I have no words for

Author — Sana`s Workshop


Thanks for the video. It really worked. Earlier I used to plant only cuttings which of course did not work. But by your method I got results. I did the process on 15th Dec and it started showing results within 8 days in case of two cuttings. Third one is doubtful, as it is comparatively thin. I just want to know, after how many days shall I shift it to the bigger pot? Because for trial I used a smaller pot.

Author — P a


Thanks for the video- I never knew about using turmeric as a rooting hormone~!

Author — Rama Bommaraju


After we plant the cutting, how often do we need to water it?

Author — Nelofer Sultana


I tried to grow curry plant many times but I failed Inshaallah this time I'll get success thanks for this useful information

Author — Nausheen Hashim


How often do we need to water it after the cutting has been placed in the pot??

Author — shaan salim


One tips: only water the plant when the soil is dry cause curry leaves plant usally dont like so much water and it often rot easily

Author — MagixVFX


Hi, I tried growing Kari patta at home but it is dead now 😔.
Will this method work ?

Author — Dev Billimoria