How to Install a Trailer Hitch on your Car

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When I was younger, before I was into cars, I was an avid mountain biker. However, my passion for cars took over my passion for bikes as soon as I got my first car, and I haven’t looked back. I have to blame my older brother for getting me back into biking because he gave me the itch to get back on 2 wheels. With the itch to go riding whenever possible, I had no way to transport my bike in any of my vehicles since they’re all 2 doors. I felt bad for always taking my mom’s sedan, and even that was difficult to do.

With this new trailer hitch, I figured I can serve me multiple purposes. Since it has a 1-1/4” receiver, I fit any attachment to it, whether it be a bike rack, a small trailer, a cargo box, a basket, or anything else. I found this install to be pretty straightforward and does not require many tools.

The hardest part that I foresee someone having is removing / moving their exhaust system to give them access to the frame rails. Since every car is different, you will have to do a bit of research, but if it is the same design as the one in this video, the install is the same. I hope this helps!!

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Introduction: (0:00)
Prep: (0:30)
Trailer Hitch Hardware: (1:19)
Pull Through Wire: (2:36)
Secure Trailer Hitch: (3:41)
Bike Rack Install: (7:29)
Final Remarks: (8:17)
Outroduction: (9:03)

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I'm very envious, it's been over 30 years since I could contort myself under a car like you did. You said two door coupe's aren't practical, but they're the best looking cars on the road. Honda will regret discontinuing the coupe. Rather than buy a new Honda Accord I'll keep my 09' running. Nice DIY video. Stay well, Tom

Author — Thomas Heckhaus


Wow! Thanks! Such a great tutorial. You have a natural knack for including every detail needed. Looks easy when you do it!

Author — Janice M Burke


Excellent video! Thank you so much for the rundown and helpful tips and tricks!

Author — Madison Valent


I really love your videos, brother. The way you explain everything and the energy you put out is great. You literally can do any type of video. Thank you.

Author — Josue tinez-reic


Thank you for the videos. Your explanations and directions on your videos are easy to follow for a novice like me. It doesn’t look like you have a Mazda rx8 but are there any tips you have for it. Thanks!

Author — Randy Kirkham


A most excellent tutorial. Nicely done, much appreciated.

Author — Anthony G


Thank you so much for your video ! Very precise 🙏🏽💐

Author — Vidana PS


Thanks for the install vid, very informative 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — thetraindriver01


Well done. You are good at these kinds of videos!

Author — Mark Woodruff


You're so descriptive, it's one thing knowing what/ how to do the job And another thing explaining and naming everything you use and do. Good job keep it up.

Author — daniel o'hara


How do you know which hitch works best for your car?

Author — Top of The Line


Great educational video. I enjoy watching you for a few years now.

Author — Irishawn


Thanks so much for explaining this. I'm definitely coming back to this video.

Author — Danish Farooqui


Excellent video. Looking to install a trailer hitch on my toyota corolla LE 2016. Would this type fit? If not, do you have any to recommend?

Author — viciouz25


Awesome Video man! Thanks for sharing.
What are the specs for your MT Bike? Its cool to see you ride again 🚲. 😎

Author — LEX DRO


I think After chrisfix, your channel is the best at DIY projects on cars stuff 👍👍
Edit: Eric the carguy is kewl too

Author — Ozaneee


Great video but I personally don’t have patience for this haha I would rather pay someone to do it!

Author — Laday Blues


Awesome video, I am bonoss company and I want to offer our latest wheel spacers to you!

Author — BONOSS Wheel Spacers Unofficial


Hey I also have a 08 Honda Accord coupe and I was wondering where you found your red badges for the back and the steering wheel?

Author — Powell Nation


Hi Milan, you need to do something with rust there, because you can lose your trailer in future

Author — Victor Moscalenko