Joaquin Phoenix and family on River Phoenix’s legacy and influence

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Joaquin Phoenix and family on River Phoenix’s legacy and influence 5

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People call him weird, but to me he seems more like a normal person than a celebrity.

Author — Brian Greenwood


Jaoquin is that rare actor who loves the art in himself and not himself in the art.

Author — Jacqueline Twerd


Fun fact: Johnny Cash personally asked Joaquin to play Johnny in the movie Walk the Line after he saw Joaquins performance in Gladiator.

Author — J G


That’s pretty cool how much Deniro inspired him as an actor and then he got to shoot him in the face in Joker

Author — TIOTIO


"There is no timeline for grief."

So true.

Author — fartoons


River was that dude, man. He had it. He really, really, really had it.

Author — Gary Wilson


If River were alive today,
he might be as big as Leo, Brad and Keanu.

Author — Cak Redi


Joaquin absolutely loves the art of acting and he’s a pro at it but he hates being a celebrity.

Author — Macafee


Anderson Cooper is the only person who could’ve done this particular interview. He and Joaquin both lost older brothers in traumatic ways.

Author — Lyndsay Thompson


True Story: in 1993 I was waiting tables at a vegan restaurant and I waited on River the night before his death, he came in around 5pm and ordered dinner and he was really high on something. He was nice and polite

Author — maha77


Joaquin should have gotten an oscar for his performance in Walk the Line, Johnny Cash...brilliant

Author — Behold Our God


He’s battled so many demons. Personally I believe that some of the best actors are troubled souls. He’s a truly brilliant actor.

Author — joelarama


This is the difference between an actor and a movie star.

Author — Mr. Chopsticks


It's not that Joaquin Phoenix is a "great actor", he's actually in a completely different league.

Author — Licht Spiel


i just realized that his late brother was actually Keanu's best friend, right?

Author — HGP Gaming


DeNiro meets a girl and touches her through a fence. Joachin's Joker meets Bruce Wayne and touches him through a fence.

Author — BanjoQueen


I've never seen Joaquin talk about his brother before.... Til now

Author — TheConorsmithusa


He sees the ridiculousness of celebrity, and it embarrasses him... I bloody love that.

Author — Strange Life with Mickey


Only 2 celebrity deaths have truly effected me: River Phoenix and Robin Williams. River--because he was the kind of guy I'd give my heart to and Robin--because I thought he'd be around still making me laugh, even as he and I got so old. Both of them carried a deep humanity in them that I found utterly precious. I still feel slightly crushed when I think of River--even so many years later.

Author — Jennifer Rhoades


Joaquin will deservedly win the Oscar for “Joker” this year, but I also think he should have won it for “The Master.” One of the greatest performances I have ever seen from ANY actor.

Author — Emma Lancaster