Yummy Razor Clam Cooking - Catching And Cooking Razor Clam At Ocean Shore - Cooking With Sros

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Today I am at the shore and find some razor near by my house, where there are a lot of razor clam most of the year. let's enjoy together. Thank you.

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I love the sound effects she makes when they come shooting up like “pshew “ that was so cute😂

Author — heavenlyyh h


I am not familiar with Razor Clams but, I was so interested in seeing how clams popping up in mud.

Author — Rb Smith


Thank you for sharing your culture with us Sros! Watching your channel is very calming!

Author — Mel Bee


I love watching people extract razor clams, I don't know why! Would you consider doing a video and let us know what you normally do on a normal day when you're not filming? I am fascinated with your way of life and I would like to know more!

Author — Pink Egg


Adoro assistir seus vídeos!!
Aqui é tudo bem diferente, mas acho interessante seu modo de cozinhar! 🌷😘

Author — Keli Costa


I was really wondering how you were going to get the meat out, but it’s cool how the heat splits the shells 😳😃 Great video showing how you harvest these little creatures!

Author — MiaNaomi Post


I loved this episode! It’s interesting to see where you get your ingredients from and I liked to see you in a different activity. It looks like you’re having fun.

Author — double vision


Oh My Goodness! Sros! This is brilliant! I absolutely love your channel more and more every day.

Author — Thereis1God


Your video is so beautiful today. I love seeing different areas where you live, and it’s nice that you live so close to the sea. Looking lovely and happy as always💕❤️

Author — Alicia Harris


This was pretty cool to watch. Your going to be at a half a million soon. 😊

Author — Simple Me


me sorprende demasiado su comida y su cultura 😮

Author — patricia bazan


😳 Sros be careful your feet don’t get cut on the shells. we have them here in scotland so i will try and make it like you did. it looks very good. thank you for showing us. 👍🏼😍

Author — killer funghoul


This was fun to watch because I could tell that you were having fun collecting the clams! 😊

Author — Artemis Apollo


Sros still has kid spirit. She sounds like having so much fun catching clams. This is really relaxing and fun thing to do. You can cook the trophy later too 😄

Author — Larry Song


Love watching you cook!!! Can't believe the amount of subscribers you have now!!! Congrats, I've been following since you've started 😊

Author — Haley Gerriets


I loved this video, especially the peek at life on the ocean front!

Author — Lialou's Good JuJu


ohh how lovely that's why you always have the freshest seafood!

Author — Aeryn Y


Amazing how nature makes the most unusual looking creatures! Love your videos, Sros! Always learning new things, new recipes and seein your sweet personality while teatching us :)

Author — Leticia G


Wow this is just amazing to watch. What’s that pink stuff you put at the tip of the stick though? I guess it’s what makes the clams pop out lols.

Author — Coralie Teodorico


Love how you get them. I know you can put over the hole with a salt mixture and it pushes them up. These are the smallest razors ive seen so I wondered if it the area.

Author — Lindsay Smalley