Rebuilding Mosul: Finding hope after IS

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Rebuilding Mosul: Finding hope after IS 5

Dateline meets the families, estate agents, and heritage activists living in the ruins of Mosul two years after the defeat of IS. With renewed instability in the region can life in the once thriving cultural city ever return to normal?

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I remember her. She’s the one leading volunteer group removing dead bodies.

Liberal media should promote her courage and patriotism. She deserves medal.

Author — HM


"Once you fight a monster, part of you will be a monster too" - Eksentric Mosul guy

Author — Nicolaus Divo


Funny you didnt hear about this on CNN.

Author — Why Me


What a brave girl. Salute her from Pakistan. Govt should spend all that oil money on rebuilding Mosul and all Iraq.

Author — Kashif


God bless this city and families and people which live and lived there!

Author — Ulice Nase


Let’s help Iraqi people build their city’s and stop war for these great people and Syrians bless you all

Author — Mark Webster


ohh young man whose hand was cut, am v.sorry my brother dont give up. am badly pained and enraged. cant understand hw a human mind can fall into such demonic religious ideologies.

Author — Henry Mideko


Please my old friend subtitles English because English by the way English subtitles please my friend

Author — cleofas pinto lima Lima


Now I understand why they are all fleeing to the West ...

Muslim country is hell compared to a Christian one...

Can I get a Muslim to agree with this?

Author — Unknown User


Look at what gorvernments send the people to carry out - look what the ppl do to each other on governments instructions . None of them have a single good reason to do so . Poisoning the little ones with it from birth . I don't fight - not even for god .

Author — Johan Rodrigues


How we can send our aids to rebuild the mousl and iraq??

Author — Aqib raza bangash


فيلم جيد يشكر عليه مواساة الموصل لا يحلها سوى أهلها ولكن من المؤسف أن الترميمات لم تاخذ بنظر الاعتبار الطابع التقليدي للعماره الموصليه ووضع شبابيك حديد حديثه وألوان صارخة لا يخدم التراث .

Author — layth raouf


I saw this girl earlier, cleaning streets nd homes,
Faisal is a true human
Haider just Brock my heart

Author — Aryn legacy


I pray for you guys know that.Please rebuild it better than it had ever been.
It has too much importance in our human civilization history just to be forgotten and dismissed
I literally shed tears when I saw these great archaelogists item being destroyed on film, I cried.

Author — gms sona


You should not tell her work was false, I have seen her from Vice On HBO and she was cleaning city from Ruin, you Bald old man have removed from your Governer job corruption previously, you are a big liar... If this young girl will be governer then I think there will be big development, from India

Author — ବିଶ୍ଵଜିତ ସାମଲ


Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Koweit, Bahrein... what are doing the most rich arabians "countries" for them? More or less nothing. But to support terrorists and making business with Bush and Cheney, oh yes they have money. Its not to the unesco and UN (= the west) to rebuild this town.

Author — NeverStop


Why dont our country help! I am ashame!

Author — Hanne Storgaard Møller


This Israeli media repeatedly wants to prove what the Shiite government says by saying that it does not know that the first forty years have been the sunni government. In Iraq

Author — Syed Qalb e abbas


I think ISIS women should wear abayas and scarves from Utsav computer fashion shop. I think ISIS women should not wear burqas. Islamic men like women who have good fashion.

Author — Juliet Tun


The only way to propserity is to plan family. IRAQ has problem with huge fertility rate. That is why poverty is rising... 2-3 children max is key for wealth. bye

Author — 天堂心臟