Inside Mexico's Drug Labs | Narco State | Sky News

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Inside Mexico's Drug Labs | Narco State | Sky News 4.5

In this Sky News special report, one of Mexico's most infamous cartels gives correspondent Stuart Ramsay unprecedented access to its industrial-scale drug labs.

Across the country, gangs are profiting from the insatiable appetite for illegal drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine from neighbouring America and, further afield, Europe.

It's a billion dollar a year industry - and virtually all walks of life are involved.

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lmfao talking about rat poison like its an extra pump of vanilla at starbucks lol

Автор — Joseph Chrobak


So many experts in the comments. They all went to breaking bad university

Автор — Scott McClure McClure


Good to know my crack was made with care

Автор — Cherry Bomb


He probably shouldn't have disclosed the rat poison mix. Now other Cartels will start coming in advertising their rat poison-free VEGAN CRACK

Автор — Realizniguhnit 1


Bro was wearing a Burberry shirt cookin crack. That’s a life

Автор — mike.p.reli


Good raw documentary. Lucky the journalist is a live

Автор — xe2 bío


Later we add rat poison to make it more "powerful." OKAY

Автор — jimmy theuri


My mom makes posole in pots like those

Автор — Cris


Lol the guy just said “we add rat poison to make the crack stronger” like you’d say “the soup has no flavor, so I’m gonna add some salt”

Автор — Glymm3r P


we not gonna talk about the MAN SMOKING A LIGHT BULB??

Автор — I_G6


Respect for the reporters taking that much risk. Great documentary

Автор — Road Runner


When he said “nah they work for us” I felt sorry for those people

Автор — Titi God’s child


that journalist must have balls of steel knowing they could dismember him at any moment.

Автор — Nathan Tanner


What if Gordon Ramsey made a kitchen like this

Автор — Dynamac mc


How the news can found this places, and government not ?

Автор — Gaby C


Have no idea why I find the cooks so fascinating, the way they don’t speak and just mix etc.

Автор — Ryan C


I just wanna know how they even got in contact with them and how they were allowed to get permission to be inside

Автор — SoProHD


He burnt the taco dudes operation tf out lmao

Автор — Christopher Guzman


The real question is, did the journalist have a toke after?

Автор — Papa John's UK


This is just a small gang in Mexico city, they are not a cartel.

Автор — Coco_Puffs-ML-