Trump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy

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Trump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy 4
President Donald Trump slammed one of his key allies on Capitol Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), over his handling of Turkey's incursion into Syria. #CNN #News

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Lindsay Graham will start licking Trump's feet again tomorrow

Author — Romanes eunt domus


This is what an unfit president looks like

Author — The Truth


What a joke! You can’t run this country like a reality game show! He doesn’t listen to any of his advisors. Something must be done now!

Author — Raymond Lacey


The gift that keeps on giving... disappointment after disappointment.


Author — Alfonso Aguirre


That's what Trump does best, insult. Especially with really intelligent woman. Look at all his wives and children.

Author — mountain woman


news flash : everything about a meeting between the speaker and the president is political. The speaker should not stay in a room with Individual 1 -while getting insulted.

Author — Gail Albers


_"It's hard to imagine how one could, in a single stroke, re-enable ISIS, allow this forest fire which had almost been put out to re-flash; elevate Iran, a significant part of this; allow Vladimir Putin, the puppet master, his upward trajectory; and simultaneously put war criminal, chemical weapon user Bashar al-Assad in the driver's seat in Syria. With one stroke of a pen, really one call to the Pentagon, withdrawing 2, 000-3, 000 troops from Syria...this is a geopolitical mistake of near epic proportion."_  - *Retired Four-Star Navy Admiral James Stavridis, Former Head of US Southern Command & Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO*

Author — J C


"Measured factual and decisive" - What ? trump has never been any of these things.

Author — Gavin Sherlock


No legal deals for trump, his family or cohorts.
Jail the entire mob.

Author — Paul Davenport


TRUMP lives in his own "imaginary fake fact bubble " totally like a satellite cirkling far away from reality!!

Author — Mikael Holmgren


Has this lunatic ever completed a sentence without slagging someone off or insulting someone?

Author — Scrivener Writer


that's what trump does - when he's losing, he attacks personally.

Author — rapunzel eh?


That's the way he talked to his ex wives and his lovely first lady!!!

Author — G Jake


And Graham will take it and not support impeachment still. Coward and traitor like all of the GOP.

Author — Progressive Humanist


Trump is insane and if his supporters can't see that, then they're in denial or just as crazy.

Author — Michael Gfroerer


Miss Lindsey is wasting time licking Donald's little mushroom, and here's the proof.

Author — N S


Pulling out of Syria is like this:

You have an infection
Dr says “ finish ALL your antibiotics”
You take them for 4 days and you stop
Infection increases


Author — George Ghazaleh


I did not know House of Cards had a 7th Season

Author — Lephas


"She trys to make everything political" ummm. Well that makes sense when your in politics talking about policy and a politician. Why are republicans so ignorant to anything that has any shred of common sense?

Author — A B


He doesn’t care about America or anyone else but himself. He has an incurable disease called stupidity.

Author — Bryan Villalta