Trump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy

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Trump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy 4

President Donald Trump slammed one of his key allies on Capitol Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), over his handling of Turkey's incursion into Syria. #CNN #News

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Well, Lindsey, what are you going to do now?

Author — Gabriel Vazquez


No legal deals for trump, his family or cohorts.
Jail the entire mob.

Author — Paul Davenport


The gift that keeps on giving... disappointment after disappointment.


Author — Alfonso Aguirre


That's what Trump does best, insult. Especially with really intelligent woman. Look at all his wives and children.

Author — Irish Eyes


_"It's hard to imagine how one could, in a single stroke, re-enable ISIS, allow this forest fire which had almost been put out to re-flash; elevate Iran, a significant part of this; allow Vladimir Putin, the puppet master, his upward trajectory; and simultaneously put war criminal, chemical weapon user Bashar al-Assad in the driver's seat in Syria. With one stroke of a pen, really one call to the Pentagon, withdrawing 2, 000-3, 000 troops from Syria...this is a geopolitical mistake of near epic proportion."_  - *Retired Four-Star Navy Admiral James Stavridis, Former Head of US Southern Command & Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO*

Author — Jeff Crawford


but some how saudi arabia is our friend?

Author — Reuben Jones


Trump is clearly following the orders of Putin.
All roads from the Kremlin lead to Trump.

Author — Marcellino Sananto


What a joke! You can’t run this country like a reality game show! He doesn’t listen to any of his advisors. Something must be done now!

Author — Raymond Lacey


Trump is insane and if his supporters can't see that, then they're in denial or just as crazy.

Author — Michael Gfroerer


Don and Eric are doing deals in Turkey, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Uruguay and Philippines Jared and ivanka made 82 million in outside income in 2018 alone while working as Senior Advisors in the Trump Administration

Author — A


TRUMP lives in his own "imaginary fake fact bubble " totally like a satellite cirkling far away from reality!!

Author — Mikael Holmgren


This is what an unfit president looks like

Author — I CU


that's what trump does - when he's losing, he attacks personally.

Author — rapunzel eh?


news flash : everything about a meeting between the speaker and the president is political. The speaker should not stay in a room with Individual 1 -while getting insulted.

Author — Gail Albers


Trump was “measured” and “factual”?! Come on now, even all those Trump supporters know that’s a lie 🤣

Author — Kimchicracker


"Measured factual and decisive" - What ? trump has never been any of these things.

Author — Gavin Sherlock


"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - Orwell, 1984

Author — AnnoyedLawStudent 87


McConnel apologizing for U.S. the way we are treating the Kurds while supporting trump 100%. republican logic... 🤪

Author — American Rage


The R's like to throw around the term "snowflake" yet their leader is more fragile than a cracked egg.

Author — GoldenEra 4ever


I did not know House of Cards had a 7th Season

Author — Lephas