The Speaker Wars - 'It Ain't Easy' (ft. Stan Lynch & Jon Christopher Davis)

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The Speaker Wars are an Americana-rock band formed by Stan Lynch (founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and singer-songwriter, Jon Christopher Davis. "It Ain't Easy" is available NOW on all streaming sites.

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It ain’t easy
Loosing half your friends
Thought they’d be there
To the bitter end
It ain’t easy
This growing old
A young man runs
When the truth gets told

It ain’t easy
Shaking hands with your past
It ain’t easy
Learning nothing lasts
It sure ain’t easy
Knowing when you’ve had enough
It’s a slap to your face
When it’s time to give it up

Vision fades
Soul remains
Even trade
Along the way
On the unpaved road
Much unknown
But when I’m all done and I take my last breath
You can have what’s left

It ain't easy
To get a good night’s sleep
It ain’t easy
For an honest man to earn his keep
And it hurts my heart
To watch a weak man fade away
And never leave his mark
And leave this world without a trace


It ain’t easy
As the years move on
It ain’t easy
Letting go or holding on
It sure ain’t easy
But you’ll always be
Walking a line between want and need.. cause

Vision fades
Soul remains
Made a damn good trade
Along the way
Up the unpaved road
Much unknown
When it’s said and done
I lay down to rest
The life I love has no regrets
‘Cause I know I had the best
Now you can have what’s left

Jon Christopher Davis & Stan Lynch
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This song is just awesome! Absolutely love it! 😍
I heard it on SiriusXM like a month ago, I was like wow I need to share this with everyone I know! But when I realized it's not available yet I had to replay the show from the XM app to be able to record right from speakers with the phone... 😅 Felt like back in the days when we used tapes to record from the radio... 🤩
You guys are the best! Thank you!

Author — ViKKmaugli


This is really good! Love the guitar tone.

Author — David Vigneau


Another awesome project by JCD and friends. Looking forward to seeing the Speaker Wars LIVE!!

Author — Darlene Leiker


This is great rock and roll!!
I will buy this album, and tell others. Turn it up, let’s hear the speakers war!!

Author — southernrocker63


Wow so good. Great artists great voice great words. Just GREAT❤

Author — cindy pedzikowski


Straight up rock n roll ... thanks JCD and Stan! 👍🤟

Author — patrick nelson


So so good. Yea, I felt this deeply. You guys rock! I’ll be sharing. ✌️

Author — Elaine Marks


Love Stan love this band. Wow wow wow and Stan Plays guitar

Author — cindy pedzikowski


Excellent words . not heard you before will now

Author — brenda hilton