Williamson Co. election judge resigns after voting incident

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Williamson Co. election judge resigns after voting incident 5

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Some people are just not capable of behaving like humans.

Author — TheOneAndOnlyMacaroniTony


Working 12 hours week. Man that’s no excuse. She’s too old to be acting like a child and should never work for elections ever again or around people

Author — Thomason Clayton


This middle-aged woman has spent her entire life with friends, family, movies, TV, co-workers and now Trump re-enforcing the idea that she is better than a black person. That lady's humanity meant absolutely nothing to her.

Author — Ken Johnson


Typical behavior when those that are still stuck in their 1800’s racist mind set are allowed to be in public positions where they have a little oversight on the events at hand. They will do anything to try to prevent you from voting if you look differently than they do and think you will vote opposite them. Just think if there was no video. This is supposed to be a judge!? This is one reason why so many innocent persons of color are wrongly sentenced! Depending on what type of judge she is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER CASES SHOULD BE REEXAMINED! For each one that she lies on or made a decision based on race she should face that sentence times two. Probably just angered because she is the one that is rude, nasty, unattractive, obese, look at that hair I’m sure it reeks of dead scalp. Matter of fact she probably smells like a sack full of assholes! Ha ha!

Author — D Dub2017


Is she on meth? She repeats herself like 600 times at the speed of a chain saw. If she took 30 seconds to speak like a normal human geez.

Author — subieslow


During the last election one of the workers, at the table I go to sign my name prior to voting, saw that I had a "D" next to my name and made a comment in a condescending manner, something like, "oh... must be a Hillary supported, huh?" So I responded saying he should be quiet and not engage with me about my politics and that if he uttered one more word, I would report him to the BoE. Makes me wonder whether these yokels can screw with my vote after I walk out of the polling site.

Author — longislandsurfer


Oh this woman just forgot what year it is. That's all. She not the problem the problem was created by the government condoning slavery and segregation. She just behind the times that's all. I'm quite sure if this was 1930 this would be acceptable.



Damn we still cant vote? Why hate us? We built America!!! If we were all white, how would things be?

Author — Boss Man


Racist hag making America great again.

Author — William Islander


You have to ask yourself what happened before the video was captured. There are two sides to every story. I am probably on the side of the woman who was shouted at, but at the same time, nothing is ever as simple as "Good guy/Bad guy"

Author — BeTheDeathOfMe


Never seen anything like it...perhaps she is diabetic...they get like that and she should aee a doctor...fornher own good..

Author — Agusta Sister


Anybody want to bet there's more to this story that occurred before the record button was pressed? My initial feelings are absolutely.

Author — Subsyde


Probably an illegal alien. "Barely spoke English."

Author — Staticks