Picks 21-32: Two potential steals, and DEFENSE dominates (Round 1) | 2017 NFL Draft

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Picks 21-32 in the 2017 NFL Draft held some major talent on the defensive side of the football, and included a couple potential major draft steals.

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That awkward moment when Americas Team drafted a guy named Taco...

Author — Steven Santos


The pats are gonna draft some walmart cashier in the 6th round and he's gonna be like a super bowl MVP

Author — HLNave YT


TJ Watt is prolly going to make the biggest impact out of all these picks

Author — Justin Brown


"Fine me later!" - Takkarist McKinley. He spoke with passion!

Author — YourBoy Ken


Falcons traded up for a guy that they could've waited on. Now he's not even on the team.🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Chris S. 1998


I swear. If TJ Watt becomes a beast in the NFL I'll hate Ted Thompson forever. We could have gotten him if we didn't trade with the Browns.
EDIT: Yes, I still hate Ted and thank god he's not GM anymore.

Author — 3lement2010


This looks like the remake of the movie *Draft Day* for the Browns...

Author — BeastMode 21


Idc what y'all say the niners had the best draft day...we made the bears look like idiots and we got Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster

Author — ToeKnee


Cowboy's need a strong 2nd and 3rd pick on Defence!!!

Author — Brooke Craine


Brandon Marshall, Odell, Engram, Shepard will be pretty fun to watch

Author — xProdigy1994


Browns have been my favorite team since from when I was young and I'm happy with there picks

Author — 999,999,999 Views


The Falcons got the realest player in the draft

Author — Bency Geneus


I'm glad the Raiders gave Conley a chance, he's innocent and that woman is bullshitting.

Author — Joe Savory


Who's here after TJ Watt is in the DPOY conversation in 2021? I can't believe he fell to 30th lol

Author — Aaron Buttery


9ers had a great draft today, I'm actually happy for them

Author — Not a biased Steelers fan!


The browns had a great round one. 3 starters get one more at 52 and I'm happy

Author — Devin Wood


Not to take anything away from Foster I'm sure he will be a beast, but I feel like if you don't have a good year as a starter for Alabama with all that help around you, you just aren't NFL quality. Probably why the Steelers took TJ Watt, because he basically was a major key in the defense

Author — andrewbayer17


The browns had the best day getting Myles Garrett David njoku and jabrill peppers

Author — Orange Potatoe


I hope Kevin King is still available by the 2nd or 3rd round, I would really like him to play for the Cowboys, he would be a star. great fit for us

Author — Leo Navarrete


Raiders possibly got a steal in their cornerback.

The female set him up, its obvious after reading her statements and seeing that creepy stalking video.

Author — Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT