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Bach arranged various Vivaldi concertos for organ and harpsichord. The Concerto in A minor, performed by Siebe Henstra, Menno van Delft, Pieter-Jan Belder and Tineke Steenbrink for All of Bach, is largely based on Vivaldi's Concerto in B minor for four violins and orchestra. But of course, he gave it an exciting twist, as in Bach’s version the soloists play harpsichords and B minor changed to A minor.

Netherlands Bach Society
Siebe Henstra, harpsichord 1
Menno van Delft, harpsichord 2
Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord 3
Tineke Steenbrink, harpsichord 4

Harpsichord 1: Titus Crijnen, 1992 after Johannes Ruckers, 1638
Harpsichord 2: Bruce Kennedy, 1989 after Michael Mietke
Harpsichord 3: Titus Crijnen, 2013 after Blanchet
Harpsichord 4: Lutz Werum, 2003 after Johannes Ruckers

0:00 [...]
4:04 Largo
6:17 Allegro

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Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the Bach Society for making this happen. 4 harpsichords in one place and all tuned at once! Not to mention the musicians to man them. We are fortunate to be alive in this time period.

Author — Alex Benson


The original of this was written in Venice by Vivaldi for 4 VIOLINS and string orchestra.

A few years later, Bach got hold of a copy of Vivaldi's Concerto for 4 violins & Orchesta and ARRANGED it so he (Bach) and three of his sons could play it, substituting HARSICHORDS for Violins. To do so he had to compose a lefthand part for each of the harpsichords.

The Bachs played this Arrangement of Vivaldi's Cto at Zimmermann's Koffee Haus in Leipzig.

Bach was the Director of Music for Leipzig for the four principal Lutheran Churches at the time. He moonlighted as Director of the Collegium Musicum (Friends of Music), a group that played weekly at Zimmermann's.

Author — ww0yrr


Очень красиво, молодцы! Божественно, слава БОГУ! Спасибо.

Author — ШНИ


It's probably partly high quality recording gear...but my goodness that bassist can play. Her tone is so rich and distinct, and her volume control is spot on. She pops in with extra oomph just when she needs to, then calms it back down seamlessly. Backbone of the whole orchestra right there.

Author — SkinnySnorlax


It is a delight to see four professionals playing harpsichords on one stage... well done!

Author — F von Bolt


Vivaldi and Bach: 2 unsurpassable pinnacles of classical music. And Bach arranging Vivaldi concertos! Fabulous,
awe-inspiring, extraterrestrial music of unfathomable intellectual depth.
Listened 100 times in my first encounter.
A masterpiece of digital legacy for generations to come.
Bravo, Netherlands Bach Society!

Author — Ferda Atila


I can’t believe this doesn’t have even two million views as I’ve watched it myself a few times and as a classical pianist since my childhood, recognize the immense organization and logistics that went into this production.

Author — Nombre


This is simply celestial! God blessed the world with the life of Johan Sebastian Bach!

Author — Juan Carlos Núñez F


Extreme high quality both in the production of the video but of course also marvelous performance by the Society. I have a special admiration for ensembles that understand how valuable a platform like a YouTube channel can be for millions of people, the fact that we get to listen and watch this for free whenever we want would've been unthinkable just 40 years ago.

Author — Conforzo


Vivaldi to Bach: Hey John, I´ve just finished a concerto for 4 violins! Bach: Tony, hold my beer, please.

Author — Thingolfin


The aerial view of the 4 harpsichords is gorgeous!! & from 4:54 on for the next minute is like a great contemporary score for a film. Love it! Thank you NBS! :-)

Author — humble new music


The Genius of Vivaldi as interpreted by the magnificence of JS Bach. A wonderful end to this dreadful year from the NBS. THANK YOU all ever so much for making this last year more bearable by your YouTube posts, and to all the very many people, like me, from all around the world whose comments have enhanced my enjoyment of this channel.
To you all, wherever in the world you may be. A joyous, much happier 2021 from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

(and PLEASE can we have the Masses in G Minor and F major on YouTube this next year?)

Author — Graham Nancledra


Браво! Музыка заставила замереть, душа поднялась на крыльях вверх, а потом я заплакала чисто и светло.

Author — Валентина Михайловна


I love seeing young children in the audience completely captivated by the music. There is hope for the future! Happy New Year!

Author — Violetta Violinist


that part starting at 4:50 always sends chills down my neck.

Author — Bruugle


This unique feeling that Bach gives gives goosebumps. absolutely impressive!

Author — Mustafa Emir Karacaoglu - Müzik


прекрасная музыка и прекрасные лица людей, которые её исполняют!

Author — Золотое Хобби


One of my favourite Bach works. Just a brilliant transcription of Vivaldi and yet it still sounds like Bach.

Author — Shrish Jawadiwar


Awesome! 😍👏🏻
I dont understand who dislikes this work 🤔🤦‍♂️

Author — Fatih Demir


There isn't a month goes by that I don't bring this up and play it yet again. It is sublime! And kudos to the 4 harpsichord players who do such a masterful job. Thank you all!

Author — Cherie Potts