Sepsis: Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS)

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Sepsis: Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) 5

Created by Ian Mannarino.

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This is an excellent video with very useful information, but it is now already a little dated. As of 2016 the Society of Critical Care Medicine does not endorse the SIRS + Infection = Sepsis criteria anymore. Sepsis is now defined as a "dysregulated host response" or "organ dysfunction" due to an infection. Dysregulated host response or "organ dysfunction" may be manifested as hypotension, increased respiratory rate, altered mental status, low platelets, and decreases kidney and/or liver function tests, The SIRS definition (along with "severe sepsis" and septic shock) is still used in the USA for billing purposes, and we use it to screen every, single, patients
at the hospital I work at as a registered nurse... Essentially the new definition of sepsis is the old definition of "severe sepsis". Septic shock occurs towards the end of the sepsis continuum, with hypotension present, that is unresponsive to 30mL/kg of IV fluids, and thus requires the administration of vasoconstricting medications (e.g. norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, phenylephrine, etc) to increase the patients blood pressure to to ensure adequate end-organ- perfusion to vital organs. SIRS is extremely "non-specific" for sepsis. You can score or "screen positive" for "sepsis" by merely exercising, or having another condition that causes a flag in any of the criteria in SIRS. Conditions mimicking sepsis with the SIRS criteria may include occult metastatic cancer, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, GI bleeds, Alcohol Withdrawal, COPD exacerbation, Adrenal crisis, anxiety, or even a routine hospitalized patient. "QSOFA" is a newer screening tool (based off of the larger "SOFA" score) and is used by some institutions instead of SIRS as a screening process for sepsis because it is more "specific" (albeit at the cost of decreased "sensitivity").


Author — Michael Ranieri


Will u remake the video with the sepsis 3 guideline?

Author — Lucero Hernandez


I had all this 2 yrs ago and many other things i was dieing my family was told i only had about many 2 hours left to live but theu saved me i still dont no how i got it i am very lucky to be alive my left arm side and leg doesnt work right anymore and i had to give up work because of it but thank god to my family who saved if you think anyone has it call 911 or in the UK 999 it could save someone life

Author — Dee Sludden-Richmond


I was so confused on sepsis vs septic shock thanks to this vid I understand now 🤗

Author — Latavia HArt


Why am I watching this if i have anxiety

Author — Eden Serna


Thanks for this information. I'm an RN and it's crazy how you can be taught this so many times and forget to apply it in a clinical setting. My pt was very lethargic and his HR was 140. Did an ECG and he was in sinus rhythm. I didn't know what was causing his change in condition but I spoke with an ICU nurse who looked at his bloodwork and realized his WBCs had been trending down. His last bloodwork was taken 3 days prior. She told me to call the doctor and order new bloodwork because he had chemo 1 week before and he bet that he was septic. Turns out his WBCs were 1, 500 and neutrophils were 0.1. I should have known to look at his WBC count as it is part of SIRS! Great learning opportunity for me.

Author — Katie F


Thank you fro this video! It heps me a lot for my upcoming exam.

Author — Aleeyah's adventure


Band cells came out pretty cute LoL...
Greetings from Houston, Texas..

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maybe i had sepsis or septicemia weeks ago, my symptoms are chills, fever and vomit, and my leg was swollen twice as big and very red

Author — sekarep tho


Metabolic Theory of Septic Shock
Please do a search for the above
Core tip: For decades septic shock has been attributed to an over-active immune response. However, immune modulation has failed to reduce mortality, casting doubt on a direct causal role for the immune response in the development of septic shock. A closer look suggests that septic shock is the result of a generalized build-up of hydrogen peroxide, a toxic cellular by-product generated as a consequence of the hypermetabolic state that accompanies a systemic immune response. This finding points to the systemic accumulation of hydrogen peroxide as a significant risk factor for the development of septic and non-septic shock syndromes.

Author — anderw andrew


Thank you sir, learned so much from you so far, you are amazing! Keep the good work.

Author — devasia njavarakattu


Great and succinct presentation. Highly appreciated. Do you have one on management of Sepsis?

Author — Stella Namu


this was the BEST explain i've found! you put it in terms easy to understand AND remember!

Author — Annette Stover


Very informative and excellent presentation

Author — tfylhk


Can I share this on a powerpoint presentation?

Author — kassie truelove


This is super helpful ! The way this is drawn and organized and displayed/explained is exactly how I learn best, this is a wonderful teacher! Thank you and please continue to post more of these educational videos for us nursing or healthcare/med students!

Author — Michelle Lui


great presentation thanks for all you do

Author — Savita Raj


I was diagnosed with sepsis went to ICU

Author — Nintendo Guy00


Who's here for CORONA virus (Covid-19)? 🙂

Author — Mr K Lakhan


A significant category patients also have recently had surgery

Author — Habib Olapade