Convert Mountain Bike To Disc Brakes With No Frame/Fork Mounts

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Convert Mountain Bike To Disc Brakes With No Frame/Fork Mounts 4.5

I show how to convert an old vintage MTB with no frame/fork disc brake mounts, to disc brakes using adapters. I show various disc brake mounting adapters and how they can be used to install disc brakes. Some of the adapters I show are A2Z DM-UNI, Chaser Tech Bicycle Rear Disc Brake Adapter Kit, and more. I am sure there are other types of adapters available. This type of conversion is pretty complex and will probably require a trial and error approach to see what works and what doesn't. You'll see in this video some of the problems I encountered and had to work to fix. The bike in the video is a Trek 820 that was set up with V-Brakes.

* Yes there are rack mounts. No, they would not be strong enough along to hold the disc caliper. Only one fully lined up with the bracket, and the other was half on the edge. They were also offset from each other. That is why I made the extra bracket which only holds the caliper bracket in place while wheel is removed.

Cold setting a bike frame:

A2Z DM-UNI Disc Brake Adapter:

31.88mm Front Disc Brake Bracket Adapter:

22.88mm Front Disc Brake Bracket Adapter:

Chasertech Disc Brake Adapters:

BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium Disc Brake Caliper Bracket:

Brake Boss Plug 8mm:

Brake Boss Plug 10mm:

Brake Boss Covers:






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long story short go buy a bike with disc brakes already

Author — wazthatme


how to install disc brakes to a frame with no mounts.... switches forks out for one with

Author — Stylze


RJ The Bike Guy single-handedly keeping the cable industry going. :-)

Author — Dave Marson


Probably better off learning to weld a bracket to the steel frame.

Author — L


Just learn to deal with rim brakes and you are fine.

Author — Gabriel Nunes


You could upgrade the gears, but surely by the time you spend money on the brake kit, wheels, gear shifters, new cassette and cables, you might as well go buy a new bike.

Author — LifeOfAnEnglishman


Wow! You've got to really want Disk Brakes...

Author — Markus Patients


Love the vid. Though, I'd still be freaked out by how close that screw is to the disc. I'd have changed it.

Author — Martigan Wright


Sounds like someone's taking the long way around the barn.

Author — Brisdad53


Thanks for the vid! After watching it I've learned that another simpler and cheaper option would be to give your old bike away and buy a new one with the brakes you like. Thanks again!

Author — Del ler


A2Z really good on Cannondale V500, very good build quality and durable.

Author — PCS


Think I'll be sticking with my v-brakes lol! Question though, do you have a recommendation for budget wheelsets?

Author — calebc1985


great rear adapter, i have One here. ready for rebuild my Vintage gt, greetings from Chile, nice video =)

Author — massacredh


Excellent timing. I've been planning this conversion for the last few months. The hard part is knowing which parts are right for "your" job.
Loved the video, thanks.

Author — T3HR3PP4


For those that dont mind a little rigging I converted my rear by using an old brake lever mount. Where it would clamp to handle bar I clamped to the chain stay. I did some modifications with a grinder to the bracket but it works great. The front was easier since I had disc forks. Good info if you are like me I still feel more comfortable going fast on my hardtail. I know it sounds stupid and Ive tried to put in time to ger used to rear suspension but keep remembering the good ole days. Everyone laughed at me 20yrs ago for putting platform pedals and wearing vans and shorts when everyone had clip ons and spandex. No way I was clamping my feet to a dam bike ever.

Author — Michael Teeple


You rock! Jesus loves you and God bless! U have a talent and passion that ur great at!

Author — Nathan Rotness


i like disk brakes because im 430 pounds and i need the stopping power when im in the woods normal horse shoe and v brakes wear out every 2 weeks to a month

so i thank you for this conversation video

Author — Friedrich Wilhelm


I might actually try this because I have one of those tiny foldable bikes that I would love to upgrade. I'm telling you, this tiny fuckers are A LOT of fun 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, thanks a lot for this video!

Author — George J93


I'm looking at doing a disc brake conversion myself. Thanks for the detailed information on potential pitfalls, bike variation and special tools. Excellent video!

Author — Steven Farrington


Was thinking of adding discs to my late 80's rigid, but now I won't bother, but a great video all the same. The adapter that had that arm to attach to the V-brake mount looked useful but I was wondering why there isn't an adapter that can use the eyelets to help secure it in place?

Author — computerbob06