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Assalam o Aalikum to all i am Hafiz muhammad Arslan, i can help you and your childrens in Holly Quran from basic to advanced.
noorani qaida learning lesson 1 to quran learning
Beautiful Recitation of the Holly Quran is something a lot of us wish to achive.
The starting point to beautify and improve our recitation is to recite the Quran with basic tajweed rules.
Quran online learning global with a live Quran tutor is perfect for those peoples who have a busy schedule.
I offer an online Quran learning global classess with proper tajweed and qirat for those people who wants to learn Quran online and free.
I will teach you INSHALLAH
1.Noorani Qaida
2.Quran reading and Recitation With proper Tajweed.
3.Quran memorization .
5.Salah,Janazah, Wuzoo etc.