UKHC Interviews - Episode 4 - Sean Pitcam (Pitcam, DTF & Guillotine Records) - Dai Tan Films

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Episode 4 of various interviews with people involved within the UKHC scene.

This interview was filmed the day before Outbreak Fest 2019 in our hotel room.

Interview with Sean Pitcam of Pitcam (videographer) and Guillotine Records.

The footage used in this episode is mostly Seans with some of ours combined including Outbreak Fest 2018 footage with Carly Tyrell & footage of a set from Duisburg in Germany via Stageload.

The intro footage also includes video from Kathryn McBride & Owen Diplock.

Main interview filmed and edited by David Tan.

First two songs used from Guillotine Records :

Full Contact - Soul Sucker
Frantic State - Mother Mercy

Additional Music

Splitknuclke - Lingchi
Afterburn - Forced Doubt

The cover image is from the Chokehold set at Sweatfest in London, unfortunately the vocalist was injured just before leaving for Europe but the band came over to play the shows anyway with fill in vocalists, Sean's holding up a scrawled out lyric sheet for Tommy, one of my favourite photos ever and taken by James Tillson of Plead

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I remember first seeing this kid with a go-pro on his head at the last Breaking Point show. Found out it was Sean & I've been watching what he's been up to ever since.

Author — Tom O'Brien