ELO - Calling América AB 5 Jul 1986

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ELO - Calling América AB 5 Jul 1986 5

I wish share this video from original tapes. Dick Clark introduces Electric Light Orchestra performing "Calling America" and "So Serious" the group is individually introduced and are interviewed

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Dick Clark: “How do you stay fresh and current?”

Jeff Lynne: “Shower gel.”

Author — Max Perdue


I love ELO the best british band EVER and that includes all bands Beatles Stones Dave Clark 5  everyone

Author — Geoff Cook


Mozart, Schubert, Verdi, Chopin, Jeff

Author — Lynne Musicalgenius


Is that mik Kiminski back in the band on keyboard?

Author — Darren Bethell


LOVE IT !!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing an ELO performance I've never seen before - I don't care what incarnation of ELO it is... 70's ELO, 80's ELO, cheesy lip synched ELO... as long as it's got Jeff it's ELO to me !!!

Author — EL0phile


so sad there was such a big gap after this album and all the squabbling

Author — Benjamin McLean


I love ELO and Jeff Lynne their music helps me with my depression and anxiety and gets me out of bed. Thank you Jeff and ELO

Author — Debra Dunn


All his songs are pure genius never tire of them

Author — Mike Rhodes


I absolutely loved the '80s, but the one thing I could never get past was how every single "live" music performance on TV was lip-synced.

Author — NESherv


Just when I think I've seen everything ELO related, Bam! another little gem pops up on YouTube.
Many thanks for uploading.

Author — Mr Blue Sky


Damn Jeff loves that 80's Versace jacket. He wear's it on every live performance for this album!

Author — IndyCar Serious Productions


i like the elo better when kelly grocutt was a part of them

Author — Dean Kenny


Jeff and the band still sound as excellent today as they did 40 years ago, even with all the personnel changes over the years. So glad they finally got into the Hall of Fame (2017), and will hopefully continue playing for many more years to come!

Author — warp00009


Why does Jeff Lynne always get referred to the Beatles, everything he says and sings.Its all a load of crap, leave this genius alone.He is just trying to have a relaxing interview.Got to remember three beatles asked him for help with there music.Jeff lynne is in a league of his own.

Author — Scott larock


Let's talk about your shower gel, then, Jeff! :D

Author — janejordan85


I'm proud to say I own 6 variations of Calling America on 3 formats, cassette, cd, and vinyl. I have the '86 album cassette, the vinyl album (Canadian release with "Is It Alright" misprint), 12" single, 2007 CD issue, 2011 CD singles compilation, and a double vinyl album of singles collection from the Netherlands.
I'm also hoping I can find a recordable 8track and put Calling America on it, just so I can say I have Calling America on 8track!!



For all what was going on behind the scenes this is still a great bit of pop music. Not their best, but still a great song!

Author — Tony Schumacher


I love ELO also but the other's that I watched in the 60's also played a great role in my life and will not be forgoten

Author — jean spaulding


It's looks more like a cross between Electric Light Orchestra and Electric Light Orchestra Part 2 without Kelly Groucutt.

Author — Charles Peter Watson


The best way to describe ELO is electric amazing music

Author — spider pig