Lingmo Lorelei Fountain Pen Review

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This Lingmo Lorelei was kindly sent to me by my friend Bill!
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Omg I needed the laugh when you got the instructions ... a little bit of Monty Python . Enjoy the reviews

Author — Mary Harper


Thanks Bill & Stephen for making this pen review happen.

Author — Peter R.


Thank you for another informative and entertaining review. I like the name as it directly links to the Siren that lured sailors to their death! This pen is almost identical also to the Jinhao 992 (about $2), but a little better made. Watch out pen world, If The Chinese pen makers decide to be original!

Author — Youstruck Gold


Thanks for the review, as ever. I think this is actually an even more direct 'tribute' to the Sailor Procolo(u)r than to the 1911.

Author — sirravens


Nice review! I've got this pen in the "sapphire" blue color (and I've ordered a red one, fingers crossed since I've had problems with the shipping), and it's *gorgeous*. It imitates celluloid really well. Also, the solid acrylic versions have a one-piece barrel, which means zero risks of it developing hairline cracks due to the "plug" at the bottom.

Author — Vincenzo


How well does the cap seal the nib pls? I often find that the Chinese pens dry out after a week of unuse and i had to "prime" the nib before they would write again. Great review!

Author — Kenneth Lee


I just ordered one of these from China for £8. I also bought a couple of Jinhao 992s, they were only £1.50 each delivered from China. I'm looking forward to seeing how those ultra cheap pens write.

Author — Mark Gardiner


The plastic models seem a little expensive when compared to the jinhao 992. I went for the acrylic model which is way nicer, no plug so it can be eyedropper converted, even slightly translucent so you can see the ink level. The acrylics are the same price and their material is gorgeous, almost as good as celluloid.

Author — Colin Martin


In this case professor, when are you going to review a Delike New Moon with a bent nib?

Author — Incognito None


it literally uses the same box as the Kaco Sky that I just got yesterday :P

Author — dlysele


Next up...
A review of that *MASSIVE* coffee mug!

What ever happened to the 'inkcyclopedia' series Stephen? It was very good!

Author — Brodie Bennett


Good review. Bought one back in May this year and was very pleased with it and decided to buy another but in colour - Sapphire, for a few dollars more and also very happy with it. It comes in 7 colours on top of the transparent one. Whilst the transparent pen has a bottom plug in the barrel, the coloured ones have a one-piece barrel, different manufacturing process perhaps; hence the higher price. This makes the colour ones ideal as an eye dropper pen. Just my 2 cents worth and thanks for reading.

Author — Richard Han


I bought a similar pen from Jinhao once. Model 992. It has the same ridges at the end of the barrel.
I used it as an eyedropper. The barrel didn't leak. However the pen was in a jar on my desk nib down and ink came out through the nib and filled the whole cap.

Author — gedep


Perhaps also similar to the Wing Sung 659 which can be had for even less money? The problem with these Pilot style nibs is that they are all F or EF and its impossible to buy wider nibs. A nib transplant from a plumix/78g only gets you a B in a calligraphic (non tipped). Pulling a nib out of a pilot metropolitan M is hardly cost effective and still only gives you a European F. For those who want proper European M or B nibs there is nothing out there for these pens.

Author — Andy Bulka


Thank you Stephen. These Chinese pens are indeed a value. Still, there is really nothing like the tactile qualities of the original.
I've been enjoying your reviews for years. They are always informative and educational for me. Plus, occasionally there is that sense of humor.

Author — Billy Ray McCalister


Thanks for a fair review of an affordable pen.

Author — D D


Are the guts really a pilot clone? The converter looks like it does a better job than any of my Con-40s

Author — duckrutt


I love these pens, but you might also take a quick look at the Monteverde Monza . . .

Author — locutorest


It actually is more of a knock-off of Sailor ProColor than 1911 Standard. Even the clip looks almost identical to that of the ProColor. That said, it is not a bad writer if you can look past its "design." At least the Lorelei is available in more colors than the regular production Sailor ProColor. ;p

Author — Andy Tsaichu


Look up the Jinhao 992!! I swear, it's the same pen minus an inner cap and just a different converter.

Author — Vincent Ferreira